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Chivite reaches the middle of his mandate and looks to EH Bildu for a third budget agreement

María Chivite has already reached the middle of her mandate in a legislature monopolized by the pandemic. After a convulsive start marked by the abstention of EH Bildu in his inauguration and the subsequent agreement with the nationalist left in the budgets, the arrival of COVID-19 disrupted all the initial plans of the socialist. Now, Chivite wants to focus the remaining two years of his mandate on the economic and social recovery of the provincial community. The European funds will play a fundamental role, for whose management the Navarrese Executive has already created a specific office integrated within the Department of Economy and Finance. At the same time, the Navarrese president is already looking to EH Bildu for a third budget agreement with which to maintain the stability that she has achieved in her first two years at the head of the Executive despite being in a parliamentary minority.

Uxue Barkos: “To rule out being president of Navarra again? Why are we going to say that right now?”

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Despite the impact of COVID-19, which has centralized most of the political actions, the coalition government chaired by María Chivite, being far from the majority, has managed to carry out several of the measures included in the pact signed between PSN , Geroa Bai, Podemos and Izquierda-Ezkerra. These include the agreement for the transfer of Traffic, which will be signed before the end of the year; the continuity of the Skolae coeducation program, correcting the defects in the manner established by the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) or the agreement reached with the schools that segregate by sex so that they stop separating boys and girls in the classrooms in exchange to renew the concerts.

To these milestones, the double budgetary agreement with EH Bildu is added, with which “stability” has been achieved to face the challenges of the pandemic, as highlighted by the first vice president, Javier Remírez. The Chivite Executive celebrates the growing integration of the left-wing Abertzale party in the management of Navarra and Spain, where they also signed an agreement with the Government of Sánchez for the approval of the General State Budgets, and the president of Navarra is already working with its sights set on achieving a third agreement for the 2022 accounts.

At the same time, relations with the main opposition party, Navarra Suma (UPN, PP and Ciudadanos) have declined. Esparza accuses Chivite of having signed “a shameful pact with EH Bildu” and from the provincial government they criticize the “no for no” attitude of the right-wing coalition.

The relationship with the members of the Government of the Government is “good” as recognized by the three parties that comprise it, despite the fact that in matters such as Euskera there are still great differences between PSN and Geroa Bai. The former president of Navarra and leader of the Basque formation, Uxue Barkos, pointed out in an interview with that there were also important disagreements in different phases of the de-escalation.

The challenge of economic reactivation

“In September another legislature begins”, they recognize from the surroundings of the Navarrese president. The Government of María Chivite trusts in being able to leave the health pandemic in the background to focus all resources on economic and social recovery and reactivation during the second part of the mandate.

“We have good economic prospects at the level of employment and economic and industrial activity, the data are recovering. In April we already recovered the affiliations to Social Security”, Javier Remírez highlights this week. The Government believes that Navarra is in a good starting position to position itself with the European funds.

In the economic recovery of the provincial community, the automotive PERTE, which has already been approved, and the agri-food industry, which will arrive at the end of the year, will play a fundamental role. The Regional Executive trusts the arrival of the electric vehicle at the Volkswagen Navarra factory, and this is how the new director Markus Haupt transferred it to the president Chivite in a meeting in which he assured him that he was arriving to electrify Landaben.

The transformation of the agri-food sector will also be important. For this, the Government of Navarra has presented with the Executives of La Rioja and Aragón the Ebro Food Valley project to attract European funds. It is a plan to which dozens of companies have already joined to transform the agri-food sector with the creation of a model of digital and sustainable transformation of the industry.

In addition, with European funds, the Government of Chivite also plans investments in the Navarra Canal, the High Speed ​​Train and housing, to help the community’s territorial and social cohesion.

In economic matters, beyond the management of European funds, the renewal of the economic agreement with the State is also on the horizon, for which the Regional Government and the Ministry of Finance have already scheduled a meeting in September. In the relations with the central government there are also the different agreed transfers. After the prison health already carried out, the Traffic Department will be added in the coming months, while work continues on the management of the Minimum Vital Income. The Chivite Executive yearns for the assumption of these powers, although they do not consider it to be something of urgency and fundamental in the current situation.

In search of strengthening its leadership in the PSN

In addition, María Chivite will also have to face the PSN regional congress this fall and has already announced that she will run for reelection as secretary general.

After being invested president of Navarra, Chivite seeks to leave the congress with a strengthened leadership with which to aspire to re-election as head of the Regional Executive. In the Chivite congress he intends to give an “ideological push” from the left to the party.

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