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We love Game Pass. The Xbox subscription service offers what is surely the best video game consumer offer. It has more than 100 fantastic games, including Microsoft-owned studio releases (or first partie), including those of the Microsoft Studios label (343 Industries, Turn 10 and The Coalition) such as the Halo, Forza and Gears of War series and also the versatile Bethesda, with its emblematic Doom and The Elder Scrolls franchises. But there is more. The Game Pass Ultimate subscription allows you to play titles in the cloud (xCloud), which means that you can play them from an Xbox, a PC or Mac, and especially, mobile devices.

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And part of the wonder of playing in the cloud with Game Pass Ultimate is that while you can play with touch controls, you can also do so by connecting a controller to your cell phone. It can be one from Xbox and even a DualShock 4 or a compatible Bluetooth controller. The choice is yours, but if you want to play titles like Forza Horizon 4 (and soon Forza Horizon 5), Halo Infinite or Destiny, you will need a remote connected to your smartphone and for this, a good support for your control. Don’t worry, in this guide we will help you choose the best support for Xbox, PS4 or PS5 controller for Game Pass.

The best Xbox controller support for Game Pass

Let’s start with the commonplace. If you are a Game Pass user, we think you are probably an Xbox fan, and therefore have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S controller in your collection of gaming accessories. If so, that control is your best option to play Game Pass on your cell phone with adequate support.

Part of the benefits of playing Game Pass in the cloud with an official Xbox controller is that you will not have to adapt to a different controller and you will feel that the experience, at least as far as the controller is concerned, is the same. Sure, don’t forget that graphically you won’t have the same experience, but boy, did you think you’d play Destiny on your smartphone with your Xbox friends?

That said, these are some options if you are looking best Xbox controller support for Game Pass:

Clip holder for X-Series S / X, for Xbox One / S / X MENEEA

The best option if the controller that you will use to play Game Pass in the cloud with the controller of an Xbox Series X / S or an Xbox One. We like it because it is cheap, light and fits practically all the phones of the most popular brands , like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola and more, and it can even hold your phone using a case or protector. Likewise, if you are a user who requires products that have been tested for rough use, it may be best to opt for a support that is not plastic.

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OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S

OtterBox Mobile Support for Xbox

The OtterBox Xbox Controller Stand costs $ 30 for good reason: It feels solid, and the reach of its grips ensure it will hold even the biggest phones stiffly. Yes, you pay double or even triple what other control mounts cost, but you end up with a sturdy product in the end. If your budget is looser, do not hesitate, this is your best option.

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OIVO Phone Mount Clip for Xbox One

OIVO Phone Mount Clip for Xbox One

If your controller is an Xbox One controller, regardless of the model (it fits an Elite controller), the OIVO Clip is your best option, but discard it if your controller is an Xbox Series X / S controller. We like it because it is Economical, lightweight, and adjustable at angles ranging from 0 ° to 270 °, ensuring a comfortable gaming session. Likewise, before buying it, measure the width of your phone; if it is between 2.64 “(67mm) and 3.4” (88mm) then it will fit. For reference, it fits perfectly on phones the size of a Pixel 4 XL and an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox One

PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbo

PowerA’s Moga stand for Xbox One has a sturdy frame that will hold your phone rigid, however, it is a 2019 model so you won’t be able to use it with a Series X / S controller and you won’t be able to fit a large phone either. The maximum width it can hold is 3.1 ″ or 78mm (for reference, the width of the iPhone 13 is 71.5mm), so please measure your phone before purchasing. It is not the most modern option, but it is a functional one if you have an Xbox One controller and a compact phone.

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Support and control 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro for Xbox

If you’re the kind of gamer who primarily thinks to play 2D Game Pass titles on your phone, your best bet is the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro. It’s like a joystick SNES controller, in short, a modernized classic. What we like the most is that it is the lightest way to play Game Pass on your phone, something that anyone who spends a couple of hours playing will appreciate.

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Best PS4 and PS5 controller support for Game Pass

It may sound crazy, but you are probably a PlayStation fan who is considering paying for a Game Pass Ultimate subscription because you also have a PC to which you usually connect a DualShock 4. Interestingly, connect a PS4 controller to a cell phone to Playing Game Pass activates some useful functions that the Xbox controller does not have, such as using the DualShock 4 pad as a cursor. Unfortunately, since PlayStation lacks a service with Game Pass capabilities, the support options are few.

OIVO Phone Mount Clip for PS4

OIVO PS4 Phone Controller Mounting Clip

The OIVO DualShock 4 stand is simple, lightweight and allows you to use the touch panel. The handle that holds the phone can be positioned at angles between 0 ° and 270 °, and allows you to hold phones with a width between 2.64 ″ (67 mm) and 3.4 ″ (88 mm). In other words, it will fit the hottest phones of 2021. It is also affordably priced.

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OIVO Phone Mount Clip for PS5

OIVO PS5 Controller Phone Mount Clip

The best support for a DualSense (the official controller of a PS5), but to tell the truth, there are not many options. With this stand you can put your phone at viewing angles ranging from 270 ° to 320 °. Its page on Amazon does not provide information on the minimum and maximum width of the phone it can hold, but some reviews say that it holds an iPhone 12 Pro Max (78mm) without problems, so you will have no problem holding a standard phone.

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