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Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner: 3 models on sale and one on super sale for this Black Friday

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner is an increasingly affordable task. Robotic vacuum cleaners have developed a wide variety of models and brands at the same time that they have lowered their prices to unthinkable levels ten years ago, when their biggest commercial boom took place.

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Today for just over a hundred euros we can find models from solvent manufacturers capable of performing the same tasks that the Roomba of the iRobot brand did. In addition, we can choose others that exceed the limitations of the first robots for just over 300 euros.

Of course, there are brands like Dyson and iRobot that offer models at very high prices in exchange for promising robustness, autonomy and precision in tasks, but it is not necessary to go to the high ranges to be satisfied.

Anyway, as we are laymen in the matter, we have turned to the experts of the Worten and Electrodomèstics Miró establishments of the Ronda Sant Antoni in Barcelona to advise us and tell us how to be totally satisfied with the choice, whether the robot is for us as if we want to give it away.

Types of vacuum cleaners

In Miró they have explained to us that in terms of autonomy and vacuuming power, most robots on the mid-range market have between an hour and an hour and a half, enough for a normal house. In addition, all include side brushes for difficult corners and corners.

Where some models start to stand out compared to others is with regard to the filters they comprise; the minimum required is that they be HEPA filters, capable of trapping mites and pollen particles. But the higher-end models include a Double HEPA filter, which greatly improves efficiency and further protects the robot’s motor.

The next step in quality and performance is the laser and camera devices, capable of finding reference points with which to make a map of the house, which will later be useful so as not to miss any area or corner and remember the distribution of space to aspirated futures.

Finally, among the highest ranges of each brand, the robots that have a mop and a tank for cleaning liquid stand out, so that they vacuum and scrub. They tell us that they have one drawback: you have to fill the tank from time to time and clean the mop, but that they can be very useful in small spaces.

Aspects to consider

For its part, Worten has shown us the key points that we must adhere to in order to find our ideal robot vacuum cleaner.

1. The utility we want to give you

It is not the same to want to keep the house vacuumed and dust-free when we do not clean ourselves, to look for a machine that does a large part of the housework for us. If we are willing to dust shelves, Lladró and Manises figurines and side tables, fine.

Otherwise, we will not be satisfied unless we go for the higher ranges, which map, vacuum and scrub. What we will achieve is to have the floor gleaming most of the time.

2. The size of the house

If the house is very large and with many rooms, we run the risk that the robot ends up desperate and lost in any corner, yearning to return to its cargo terminal.

The best thing then is to opt for a robot with mapping capabilities to make a sketch of the house. This way you will not forget any portion and you will return to the starting point happy. If the house is small or very square, a robot without the ability to make a map may suffice.

3. The design of the house

In the same way, when faced with complicated houses, with many rooms, corners and partitions, it is advisable to opt for the model with the ability to make maps.

4. What kind of furniture do we have?

One thing we have to be clear about, they warn us at Worten: chairs, sofas, armchairs and low-ass couches can prevent the robot from doing its job. So the most advisable thing to do is to buy furniture with low heights so that the vacuum cleaner can fit and lift the chairs as much as you have to. Let us assess whether this effort is worth us.

5. If we have long-haired pets

Pets that shed a lot of long hair, especially breeds of cats and dogs, can block the robot’s motor and burn it; We must therefore bet on models with Double HEPA filters to protect them.

6. If we have children or puppies

Be careful with small children and puppies, not because the robot will harm them, but because they leave a lot of sauce stains or feces on the floor. The problem is that the robot can inadvertently spread them over the entire surface.

Four models with excellent value for money

The super offer of the week: Roomba 981

The best robot vacuum cleaner model with wifi and. iRobot multifunctional is reduced by more than 600 euros until November 29. Definitely an excellent option for those who want a great machine at a bargain price.

🤑 See here its characteristics and its super discount

Conga 1990 Connected

A robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs at a price of 300 euros is a not inconsiderable opportunity if it is on sale, especially if there is a brand like Cecotec behind it. The robot has a mixed tank and a solid tank, to discriminate the collected waste more efficiently.

It also includes a technology called SmartGyro 3.0, which allows efficient and intelligent navigation, being a more intuitive and predictive model than its predecessor. Thanks to its gyroscopic, proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors, it cleans the entire covered surface of the home, according to Cecotec.

It includes an application for Smartphone with a map, with which we can control the robot by selecting the modes and programming the cleaning, as well as the level of suction and scrubbing power. It also allows you to view the cleaning history.

It allows you to perform various voice controls -with Alexa or Google Voice-, such as, start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot to its charging base or even locate the robot by means of auditory emissions. Finally, if the robot runs out of battery, it automatically returns to the charging base by the fastest route, recharges the battery and goes out again to finish cleaning.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The benchmark brand in the sector, iRobot, offers this model with a Wi-Fi connection -which allows it to combine with Alexa and Google Home, as well as having a smartphone app- for 399 euros. The Roomba 692 features a three-stage cleaning system: it traps dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and hard floors.

It also cleans adapting to us. Thus, he learns our cleaning habits and suggests schedules that adapt to our routine. He also makes recommendations to us as an extra cleaning during allergy season.

In terms of performance, it offers two multi-surface brushes, which trap from small dust particles to larger debris on carpets and hard floors, thus leaving the surfaces completely free of dirt. It is a simple but effective and sufficient model for those who do not want to make a large expense. p

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Ultenic T10

Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Scrubber that Vacuums and Scrubs, with automatic emptying. It has a LASER navigation system that allows the robot to scan at 360 degrees to build the map efficiently and precisely, in order to accurately determine the areas to be swept and plan its own routes.

This robot vacuum cleaner automatically goes back and forth to the base station after cleaning to charge. Also, the base station collects the trash from the dust box, so you don’t have to take out the trash every time, you just have to dispose of the base station trash every 2 months.

On the other hand, the Ultenic T10 solves all your floor cleaning needs by sweeping or mopping the floor, and you can adjust different amounts of water and suction at any time. All this process can be controlled by voice, remote control and a mobile application. Its official price is 499 euros.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

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