Monday, September 20

Choripán and circus



Every odd-numbered year Argentina has legislative elections. This Sunday, as an aperitif in the form of a large national poll, the STEP (Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries) are held, a step prior to the November elections.

If the forecasts are on target, Cristina Fernández, widow of Néstor Kirchner and real power with her son Máximo, would not achieve a majority in the Lower House and could lose control of the Upper House that she presides (the Congress and the Senate are partially renewed) . If this scenario is confirmed, it would suppose an insurmountable limit (in theory) to its strategy of absolute control of the three powers of the State, because one thing is linked to the other and the other, to the impunity of its power.

The dire situation that Argentina is going through can no longer be made up in any way and the electorate is saying it loudly. “If the country does not explode, it is because, although Kirchnerism is something else, it is still Peronism,” commented a Justicialist who knows the guts of politics and society well. The flight or the ‘for himself who can’ is constant. Uruguay has benefited from that emigration that ran out to put their savings in a safe place. Spain is another of the favorite destinations, especially for those, who are many, with a European passport. The speech that is repeated in those who embark on an adventure that promises to improve their lives is repeated: «I sell everything and I cut myself. We have no solution.

In this scenario of misery, with a hundred and a thousand deaths, rampant inflation, stocks and unresolved debt or a renegotiation, no candidates emerge to seduce (love is something else). But gaining space in Buenos Aires (third place) a “libertarian” phenomenon like Javier Milei, an economist caught in the spectacle of himself (screams without whispers) who jellies people with histrionic interpretations, black leather jacket, clown hair and outbursts even though, at times, he speaks truths like fists.

Argentines, who are in the majority in the polls, those who want a change, look at the polls like the poor man an empty pantry. The Legislative ones offer them a lot of circus but the choripán and the steak are scarce.

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