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Christie’s partners with NFT OpenSea marketplace to launch auction series

Key facts:
  • The tender will be held from December 4 to 7, Christie’s indicates.

  • The auction will be led by Christie’s online digital sales specialist and director.

The prestigious auction house Christie’s announced this week a partnership with the marketplace of non-fungible tokens (NFT), OpenSea, to launch a series of exclusive auctions that will start from December 1 to December 3.

So reported the bicentennial company on their blog, where they highlighted that the series, called Christie’s X OpenSea, will be organized by the platform, but selected first by the auction house.

According to the information, through OpenSea, collectors will be able to discover and buy NFTs that have been evaluated by the prestigious company. through the Ethereum blockchain.

need Christie’s that the auction bid will be from December 4 to 7 and that it is a “cutting edge selection” of various NFTs, most notably collectibles. To participate in the activity, Bidders must go to the OpenSea website and begin bidding on digital art.

The auction, the company indicates, will be led by Christie’s online digital sales specialist and director, Noah Davis, cryptocurrency collector and enthusiast businessman Ronnie Pirovino and NFT Now, a digital medium specialized in the coverage and analysis of these pieces. digital art.

Among the artists who will put their creations up for auction are Andre O’Shea, Alpha Centauri Kid, Ash Thorp, Beige, Blake Kathryn, CyberKongz and many others.

“With this collaboration, we are boldly bringing the Christie brand to blockchain. Our collaboration with OpenSea allows us to combine our expert curatorship and prestigious provenance with the convenience of decentralization, “said Noah Davis, quoted the press release.

It is a union between an auction house created more than 200 years ago with a DeFi platform. Source: Christie’s / christie’

An old-fashioned foray

This auction house’s foray into the NFT market is not new. This year, in March, the company auctioned a piece for USD 70 million, call “Everydays: The First 5000 Days«, By the artist Beeple, which brings together the images that he created every day for 14 years (2007 to 2021), a fact recorded by CriptoNoticias.

Then in May authorized the auction sale for almost USD 17 million of nine tokens of the pioneering NFT CryptoPunks series, also reported here.

And before, in October 2020, sold for USD 131,250, a work called Block 21 or Block 21 that was a physical painting together with an NFT, thus obtaining more than 10 times the estimated value for sale.

Block 21 is part of Portraits of a Mind, a global artistic project that recreates in 40 fragments what the founding code of Bitcoin would be like in the physical world.

Christie’s partnership with OpenSea could represent the first match between an NFT market and an auction house for the launch of a select series. This is just a sample of the expansion of new digital art that, without a doubt, already reaches the whole world.

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