Thursday, December 1

Christmas 2021: Retail Sales Up 11% vs. 2020

On the average, the growth reached almost to recover the levels of 2019.

The 11 items surveyed rose, always measuring the real variation, something that businesses to some extent expected, since the comparison was against a 2020 very affected by the pandemic. However, it is also true that sales that Christmas fell slightly (-10.1%) taking into account the context of crisis.

Another factor that limited the increase in sales in larger towns is that this year the shopping malls were open and took part of the demand.

One particularity that businesses mentioned this year is that, Measured in rate of change, sales escalated more in the physical channel than virtual. It is explained because last year there was less movement of people in the streets and restrictions to enter the premises, that caused many more sales to be channeled online, which today returned to the physical channel.

In almost all sectors the complaint for product shortages was repeated. For example, in the clothing category, they highlighted the lack of colors, sizes and varieties. The same in footwear.

68.5% of the companies made promotions for the date, more generous than last year, but according to the criteria of the businesses consulted, these were prudent.

The average ticket was $ 3,597, 89% above last year.

The data arise from a survey carried out by CAME between Thursday 23 and Friday 24 December in 385 SME businesses in the country by a team of 30 pollsters.

The fastest growing sectors this year were: Bleach and decoration (+ 25.5%), driven by the longer stay of the population at home, which makes these products more interesting to give away; Jewelery and watches (+ 18.1%), although this improvement was not enough to recover the decline of 2020 (-23%); Y Perfumery and cosmetics (+ 17.9%), driven especially by cosmetics, where some stores were surprised by the good sale.

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Main comments made by the businesses consulted:

1) Clothing, Lingerie, and accessories:

“We had a hard time getting the merchandise that we used to sell normally. Some of them we replace with lower quality items, and customers notice it ”(Commerce from San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca).

“Last year we had the advantage that the shopping malls were closed, but this Christmas they opened, that’s why our sales dropped” (Commerce from Castelar, Province of Buenos Aires). “This Christmas we noticed the reactivation of the economy” (trade of Rosario, province of Santa Fe).

The item increased 13,1% at constant prices compared to the same date 2020. People waited for the offers of the last days, looked for prices, and bought a lot through networks.

2) Household appliances and electronic items:

“Our sales tripled in relation to the average we had been having. We made good discounts for cash payments ”(cell phone sales, city of Jump).

“It was a disaster because we had a lot of shortages, it is desperate that they ask you for a product and lose the sale by not having it”(sales audio, alarms, and electronic items from the city of Mendoza).

The item climbed 8,2% at constant prices compared to the same date 2020.

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3) Footwear and Leather Goods:

“We had many shortages of merchandise, but we sold well” (trade in Santa Rosa, The Pampa.

“It was expected that much more would be sold than in 2020 due to the issue of the pandemic, but the lack of merchandise hurt us because we lost sales”(shoe store of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province).

The improvement was only 4,6% at constant prices compared to the same date 2020. But as explained by the businesses measured, it was sold within all good, although products of lesser value. Informal selling hurt businesses in big cities.

4) Food and Drinks:

“People looked for prices for large purchases. Merchandise arrived at the beginning of the month and by Christmas we were out of stock and without the possibility of replenishment, that affected us ”(trade in Santiago del Estero.

“We felt the demand of customers who received bonuses and Christmas bonuses, which helped us to recover sales, which were very weak” (trade in CABA).

The increase was 6,8% at constant prices compared to the same date 2020. The greater number of meetings and with more people than last year, explains that rise.

5) Clothing and art. sports and recreation

“It was not what was expected due to the problems in obtaining imported products, they are blocked in customs and do not arrive. At Christmas it was noticed ”(car sales business, City of Córdoba).

“We sold well, but between the informal sales that increased and the shopping malls that opened, we lost a lot of sales” (trade in San Miguel de Tucumán)

The growth was 9,6% at constant prices compared to the same date 2020. It is an item that has been selling well. The informal sale of clothing is a concern.

6) Toy Shops and Bookstores

“We were surprised to sell more than expected, we did not have so much confidence to date because the lack of money is noticeable” (Lomas de zamora, Buenos Aires province)

“This year we were surprised that people were asking for too specific things, which we did not have, but we tried to replace them with similar products. We did quite well ”(commerce of the city of Chubut)

The increase was 10,4% at constant prices compared to the same date 2020).