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Christmas lottery 2021: how to check prize winners and numbers of the stones online and on your mobile

The day of the Christmas Lottery has arrived, and for the next few hours we will know if this year we have been lucky, or if we will have to settle for some stones. To be able to look at everything well, we are going to tell you how to check your tenth of the 2021 Christmas Lottery, so you can follow the draw and check your tickets.

We are going to tell you how to check everything both in the browser of the PC and on the mobile, and we will use different pages and services for this. It is clear that if you win a jackpot you will find out right away, since they are the prizes that we always follow. But the stones are more difficult and laborious to detect, and that is why we are going to try to help you.

Check your tenth winner online

Today is a day in which many go to check their numbers from time to time to see if they have been awarded in any way during the draw. If you are one of those people, we leave you several pages where you can check your tickets, so that if the Christmas Lottery has distributed luck to you, you can know it at the moment with these options.

State Lotteries and Gambling

As usual, the most reliable alternative and the authentically official one is your own Official website of State Lotteries and Gambling, which is the entity responsible for carrying out this draw every year. On its official page, you will be able to check both the results of the Christmas Lottery itself and those of the rest of the draws organized by the entity.

To do this check, all you have to do is go to the web to immediately see the numbers of the main prizes. In addition, you will also be able to look up your number in the box Check your numbers, which is where it will let you know if that specific number has been awarded. If you enter that box on days other than today, inside you will have to look for the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway.



Another great alternative is to consult the website of Radio Televisión Española, the public entity that broadcasts the draw and in which a specific page is always enabled where we will be able to see the winning numbers updated. In addition, it also offers a search engine to check if your numbers have won a prize.

This page is not too mysterious, since at the top you will see the biggest prizes of the day, and below you will have the table Check Lottery, where you just have to put the number you have and the amount played to tell you if you have won something and how much you have obtained as a prize.

Other websites


And beyond the official website and that of public television, there are many other websites created specifically for the giveaway of the Christmas Lottery. Some are always up-to-date and others will have to wait until the end of the draw, but all allow you to look up your numbers. An example is the page Lotometer created by the LaSexta channel, where you can see the winners and add your number to check it:

Another classic on the web is, created by the group Prensa Ibérica. Here you will also be able to see all the information about the draw, including the winning numbers at the top, and you can add your number next to the amount played to see if you have won and how much you have won. But in addition to these, you also have many other alternatives available.

You also have online newspapers

And finally, you also have the specific pages of the different national newspapers. Today everyone is going to be looking for their numbers like crazy, so almost all the media are going to implement a small checkbox or a whole page in which to report the results up to the minute. Here are some of them:

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Check your tenth through apps

And if you are not at home or can comfortably look at the mobile browser to do the checks of the numbers, you can use mobile and tablet applications specially created for giveaways. There are many alternatives, some with special functions such as notifications with notifications if you save your numbers, and others more passive. Here, you should keep in mind that many of the Android versions will have to be downloaded in APK.

SELAE lotteries


The first alternative is the official application of State Lotteries and Gambling, a specific app in which you will be able to check your winning numbers or follow the draw knowing what prizes are given. It is a fairly basic application without great assets, beyond being an official source of information, and therefore, the most reliable.



Over time, this has become one of the best and most popular third-party apps to track the giveaway, and probably one of the most complete you can find. One of its main functions is to scan your tickets with the mobile camera or enter the numbers by hand, and thus receive notifications about all your tickets.

Besides this, TuLotero is also an application that allows you to buy lottery tickets or other draws directly from the app, and even redeem small prizes through it so as not to have to go to the administration for your 20 or 100 euros won. Of course, for the Christmas Lottery you can no longer buy tickets, although you can already prepare for the El Niño.

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The Golden Witch


The Golden Witch or Bruixa d’Or is one of the most famous lottery administrations in Spain, and it has forged its fame based on selling tenths from all over the country and receiving some prize in its numbers almost every year. That aura of popularity makes its application also one of the most popular, although on Android it has the disadvantage that you will have to install it manually from its APK.

Lottery and Betting Scanner


This is no longer an application available to everyone, as it is exclusive for Android mobiles. It is an application with which to analyze the numbers you have at home, including a barcode scanner to add them and find out if they have been awarded. You can also enter the numbers by hand, or add them regardless of the prize so that it makes periodic checks and notifies you if something has touched you.



And we end up with an application very similar to the previous one, but this time it is exclusive for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It’s called ScanLotería, and it allows you to scan your ticket or put it in by hand, and thus check if it has been awarded. This app is not exclusive to the Christmas Lottery, since you can use it from EuroMillions to Bonoloto, or even the Children’s Draw.

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You can use Telegram


And we end up with a somewhat more modern alternative. Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging applications, and enormously versatile thanks to its bot system. In the app, you will also find the bot LaLoteriaDeNavidad_bot, in which you will be sent messages when winning numbers come out so that you can have the most important news of the draw without having to depend on websites or install other applications. Of course, sacrificing checking your number.