Monday, January 24

Christmas symphonies in the parks of Panama

The arrival of Christmas is one of the most important celebrations in the world, it is a time of family gatherings and gifts, among other activities that are organized to share that joy that can be through art as the culture Ministry (MiCultura) through its addresses and regional offices.

The National Symphony Orchestra (OSN) goes on their traditional concert tour to take those Christmas notes and share them with the audience that supported them during performances throughout the year.

Parishes and parks have been the perfect setting where the OSN has brought together families to take a pleasant moment of relaxation and share a symphonic repertoire of the most traditional Christmas carols around the world and that are very liked by adults and children due to the stories that count.

The National Symphony Orchestra has been performing a series of free Christmas concerts that began on December 2 in the San Antonio de Padua Church in Miraflores, continued in the Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Church, Señor de Los Milagros Parish, San Agustín Villa Zaíta Parish , Andrés Bello Park, Omar Recreational Park and will culminate on the 22nd in Benito Juárez de El Carmen Park.

Each of the evenings this octogenarian musical group performed famous Christmas melodies such as: Paseo en Trineo, Frosty, the Snowman, Adeste Fideles., Bells of Christmas., El Tamborilero, Silent Night, Oh Holly Night, El Burrito Sabanero, Harkthe Herald Angel Sing, Silent Night, Oh Holly Night, where some were accompanied by the guest artist the Panamanian soprano Susan Samudio.

Ricardo Risk, director in charge of the OSN indicated that “Panamanians are eager to attend activities or events of healthy recreation for the whole family, so we are very pleased because in each of the presentations we have had a full house where the public sing and cheer each of the pieces, as you know applause is the food of the artists ”.

Jorge Ledezma Bradley, Orchestra director indicated that “we are very happy because we are sharing an event that everyone likes, which is Christmas, it is the birth of hope, it is a time to renew oneself, to be able to reconnect with friends, family and share feelings of love and happiness”.