Tuesday, January 18

Christmas trees have started to run out

If you are one of those people who prefer to decorate your home with a natural pine for the Christmas holidays, we recommend that you go out and buy one now, if you have not bought it yet, because the number of Christmas trees that reached the Panamanian market This year has been very limited and in some stores they have already been sold out.

An example of this reality is Hermanos Gago, SA., a company that requested 26 containers of Christmas trees from its suppliers for this season, but that It only received 24 for various factors, which meant that the stock for retail sale was exhausted from Thursday, December 9.

Ricardo Gago, one of the owners of Hermanos Gago, SA, explained to Financial capital that the situation that has been experienced this year Importing Christmas trees from Canada has been particularly difficult, first because the suppliers increased the cost of pine trees by $ 5.00 per unit and second because of the difficulties associated with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

He added that due to the pandemic difficulties were experienced in the import logistics chain, starting with the shortage of containers and then with the increase in freight, which added to other situations such as the lack of labor to cut and sift the pines.

Gago stressed that, although Gago Brothers still had a container of Christmas trees for sale, The truth is that it is intended for wholesale, so those who did not acquire their natural pine in time will have to purchase it in other stores or opt for a reusable one (plastic).

In any case, the businessman indicated that without a doubt Natural Christmas trees have had an increase in their price this year Due to the difficulties for its purchase and importation, but considered that despite this increase it is still within the reach of many Panamanians, since in the local market there are different ranges of quality and price.