Monday, March 4

Chrome and Edge browsers require an urgent update | Digital Trends Spanish

A security vulnerability linked to Javascript V8 set off alarm bells at Google and Microsoft, who called for immediate updates to their Chrome and Edge browsers, respectively.

The issue was reported by an anonymous user on March 23, 2022; two days later, the Mountain View, California firm had a patch to fix it with version 99.0.4844.84. Those of Redmond, in Washington, did the same with the 99.0.1150.55 edition.

Specific details about the vulnerability and how it could be exploited are not being shared publicly, as a precaution to give users time to update their software with any necessary fixes. SlashGear.

According to the same portal, Javascript V8 is in charge of processing the Javascript code in web browsers for better performance. It is available on computers running Windows 7, macOS Sierra 10.12, and most Linux operating systems, as well as their latest editions.

Qualified as a “high priority security issue”, it is a “type confusion” vulnerability. According to the same source, it is “essentially a coding error that could be used to trick V8 into confusing one input type with another.”

The vulnerability in the Chrome and Edge programs means that a potential attacker could exploit it “to make your browser run its own code without restrictions, instead of performing the processes it was originally supposed to. This, in turn, could allow an attacker to view, delete, or change data.”

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