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Chrome will allow biometric passwords for your browser | Digital Trends Spanish

Chrome will soon let you use biometric data to autofill online forms, according to Chrome Unboxed. This is something Safari has allowed for years on Mac, but if you use Chromeyou must confirm the details by re-entering your password or receiving two-factor authentication notifications on another device.

The password prompt was detected on the Chromium Gerritt repository as an alternative way to authenticate by autofilling your passwords stored in chreitherI. It’s not meant to be a replacement, and when it’s rolled out to the public, it appears to be a setting you need to turn on. That could change between now and then, of course.

Deepanker Verma

This new flag is in addition to a similar Chrome flag detected one month ago which allows you to use biometric data to view your passwords stored in Chrome.

Right now, when you want to view a saved password in Chrome or autofill your password in a web form, you’ll get a prompt to re-enter your computer password if you’re using Windows or Mac. You’ll be prompted to enter your Google password if you’re using a Chromebook. This process can be cumbersome, especially when you can already use your fingerprint in Safari on Mac or Windows Hello on compatible PCs. Chrome will follow suit and allow you to do the same.

Windows computers with fingerprint hardware will work the same way, and the flag will be available for all Chromium-based browsers, such as Microsoft Edge. The flag will also work with face unlock, or you can assign a four-digit PIN if your computer doesn’t have biometric capabilities. This will also work on compatible Chromebooks.

This new Chrome flag will make things much smoother while also improving security. Anyone who gains access to your computer or Google password will still not be able to access your entire list of passwords with this biometric authentication enabled.

This banner also works to automatically fill in sensitive contact and credit card details. For example, when making a purchase online, you may receive a prompt to unlock autofill with your fingerprint, and once authenticated, Chrome will enter your details. This includes your credit card information, although you will still need to enter your three-digit security code manually.

Overall, this new flag will make using Chrome on your MacBook or Windows laptop much easier. It’s not currently available in the stable or beta versions of Chrome, and there’s no timeline for when you can start using it.

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