Thursday, July 7

Chronic sister-in-law of the remodeling

Trash like the one ministers use in parliaments when they don’t have the slightest response

Fernando Pessoa. The anarchist banker

By now they will have read and heard from all those who undoubtedly knew what Pedro Sánchez’s intentions were in his government crisis, those who foresaw it, those who know the intricacies of the decisions, those who interpret the The same in the keys that sound the most to them, to those who did not know but become aware, to those who transmit and to those who have a clear mind and are perfectly capable of uncovering the hidden meaning of what has happened. I also.

I lack a special and close penetration in the plumbing and proscenium of the Monclovite power. This has disadvantages, such as the ones I am telling you about, and the clear advantage that nothing mediates you when it comes to making a personal and even sentimental reading if you want of the decisions taken by the Prime Minister. It is from that individual and particular gaze, of a citizen who observes politics with amazement or indignation, rarely with admiration and less surrendered, from which this totally sister-in-law chronicle of the political event of the day emerges.

It happens to me that I feel revitalized by the departure of guru Iván Redondo from those scenes that had already become a proscenium. It is not that I am going to tell you now if it is true that his failure in the Madrid elections or his fight with Ábalos and the party itself have been the cause. I almost don’t care about that. The truth is that I am glad to see that a person who has never been a social democrat stops being Jiminy Cricket of a progressive government that is supposed to be, at best, that: a social democrat. The circumstance that at this point in life one has debated with everything querqui It has always been clear to me that Redondo was a citizen but not exactly on the left. I am glad that his position is assumed by someone who does come from the socialist background, perhaps it is someone who knows less about spells and magic and more than what the voters and doubtful voters and disappointed voters of the PSOE feel and demand.

I am sorry that Calvo is leaving, to which we undoubtedly owe much of the legal and political sanity that has been maintained in key aspects. I think that she herself has given up on continuing with a fight in which the other party was always hand in hand because she could always break the deck. The president says that the Government has rejuvenated, and I suppose that Calvo’s departure is consistent with this statement, although I would like to remind Faulkner when he says: “The anguish of the world is caused by young people between 20 and 40”. Faulkner was a curmudgeon.

The change in Justice, however, seems to me to be announced, but already from the very moment of Campo’s appointment. That Campo was not going to solve anything was an evidence but being a minister was the illusion of his life since he was in his thirties, at the very least. If a dream comes true after a year and a half … it will always have served to have been the plumber of pardons that now disappears down the drain, without leaving a trace. I was always very amused by that vaunted “friendship” of yours with Enrique López, which was going to be the key to closing the renewal of the CGPJ. It was evident that it would not do any good, because López has no friends and because Campo is an expert in putting himself in profile. The new minister, Pilar Llop, is a smart, good, discreet woman and is not burned out. That does not mean that it will be able to get anything clean from that portfolio that also has in front of all the conservative judicial associations that are clearly determined to contribute as much as possible to overthrow the Government. They will always do better with the others. In my opinion, modest and based only on observation, it is not a good idea to give the Justice portfolio to judges or prosecutors in these times. His people do not usually forgive him. Whether we like it or not, ministers with legal training but strong political weight tend to find it easier to bridle these cattle, which is not easy at all. Perhaps this is her push to become a strong candidate against Ayuso.

The residual ministers of the beautiful government are also leaving us. I thus call the calls to plaster the Government emanated from the motion of censure, perhaps due to the influence of the defenestrated Redondo, and who have passed without pain or glory. Pedro Duque, born to fly but not to speak. Rodríguez Uribes or stumbling irrelevance. There are some more of these but as they are part of United We can continue to drag the portfolio. They should have followed the same path. They rightly leave Celaá – you cannot rule against everyone – and Ábalos, who they say is the opposite of Redondo’s departure – neither one nor the other wins – but who had also walked through various gardens. Laya, the oxymoronic minister, was never accepted in her business and was rude and not very diplomatic in her management. It remains Marlaska who, for my taste, is an obvious example of those right-wing splinters embedded in the Executive, but perhaps he has been so exposed by the opposition that he has caught positive reinforcement.

Iceta is the Catalan ficus and they have transplanted it without blushing. Darias could have gone out as well but he has a reputation for not getting off the rails and with discretion he stays there. With discretion and with little else.

The new ones are fundamentally socialist politicians with management experience close to the citizen. Adding political and socialist ministers to a government that was lame in politics for that gang, in the face of the strong ideology of the coalition partners, is good news for the two years that Sánchez has left to fly back. Regarding its ability to change the municipal vision and fly over the complex Madrid square and spread its wings throughout the national territory, we can only wait and observe.

Now everything begins for the new ministers and, in general, for the entire Government. The tiling and the change of plumbing gives a new rhythm for these years of recovery funds, end of the pandemic and electoral preparation. That is exactly what I think Sánchez was looking for but, I have already told you, it is only my impression.

I now recommend that you look for the dimes and tell elsewhere. What’s more, I urge you to have a good time rereading analyzes and insights from a few months ago about what was going to happen. It’s very entertaining for a scorching Sunday.

I leave my sister-in-law chronic to you, who, perhaps, is not so foolish.