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Chronicles bitcoiners in El Salvador: the taxi driver and the waiter

At parking 3 from the San Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez airport (or, simply, the El Salvador International Airport), Martin was waiting for me, with his well-buttoned blue shirt.

A trusted taxi driver from whom we rented the AirBnB, the tanned Salvadoran warmly welcomed me with a bottle of cold water, to cool the thirty-one degrees Celsius that was sunning the country’s coast.

It didn’t take long to ask him about his experience with Bitcoin. “I could never withdraw the money,” he told me, referring to the thirty dollars that the Salvadoran government distributed to those who installed the Chivo Wallet. “Look, I still have it installed, but it gives me an error,” and he showed me the mobile with his hand free from the steering wheel.

I asked him if he wanted me to check what the problem was. I tried to register him with his identification number: «this account is already registered». But Martín was never able to register in the past. It looks like, He was the victim of almost a thousand cases of identity theft to steal funds. I told him that a person had been arrested for all this, and that perhaps a police station could help him.

Coincidentally, a few meters from us, we envisioned a checkpoint with a few soldiers. «We are going to cross here so that the checkpoint does not stop us, because later they will want to take the bite«. After starting to roll down a dirt road, surrounded by cows and goats, he explained that he meant that they would ask him for money for not being registered as a taxi driver.

And what does Martín think about the adoption of Bitcoin in his country? Well, they didn’t ask us anything. It was the same as with the dollar ». From his perspective, there was no need to leave the colon. It was more of a “whim of the politicians”, which ended up increasing the prices of the products. But at least this time it was optional. After the half-hour journey from the airport to AirBnB, he preferred that I pay him in dollars rather than install another wallet on his mobile.

“Martín, the taxi driver, is one of the victims of identity theft with Chivo Wallet” Source: Youtube.

Andrés understood that bitcoin is to save

Another impression was made by Andrés, a waiter at the Blue Moon bar. While he waited for us to decide what to drink, he told us that he was initially suspicious of how well Bukele’s idea would work, but decided to give it a try. “I asked my wife what she would do with her voucher and she told me to spend it. But I convinced her to wait a bit and we already have almost twice as much. Well, it kind of works.

Andrés says he understood that bitcoin is for saving, and you have decided not to spend your bitcoins. Still, he has had the experience of spending. «My cousin who lives in the United States needed to buy some things here in El Salvador and he sent me some bitcoins. They arrived immediately and I was able to do my shopping. But mine, there they are whole. And I will invest a little more whenever I can.

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