Tuesday, March 28

CIA Report Shows Soviet Telepathy Experiments | Digital Trends Spanish

The Government Attic site revealed a report from 1964 showing how the CIA was investigating the Soviet Union’s intention to carry out a program of experiments focused on extrasensory perception and telepathy. This platform is recognized for publishing documents declassified by the United States authorities.

The work exhibits a conversation between an undercover CIA agent and a Lenningrad University researcher, known as DE Kerimov. In the dialogue, the scientist shared some details of the experiments that the Soviet Union was carrying out around phenomena without scientific explanation.

We look forward to learning more details about the total number of test subjects in Stranger Things 3.

According to what was revealed in the investigation, one of the experiments carried out at the University of kyiv consisted of recording the brain activity of a pianist to try to reproduce it in the arm of another person who did not have musical training. The intention of the test was to check if the subject could imitate the interpretation of the instrument as if he had the appropriate knowledge.

Another experiment tried to achieve a certain level of cybernetic telepathic communication between a human brain and a computer.

In the same conversation, Kerimov explains to the CIA agent that Soviet scientists claimed that extra sensory perception was real and that, indeed, there were people capable of perceiving the brain waves of others and using that resource to predict certain events.

The researcher explains that none of the experiments had a conclusive result. The CIA report, for its part, states that the tests carried out by the Soviets did not represent any danger to the national security of the United States.

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