Monday, January 17

CIFI Panamanian company is financed via Securitization, in the Salvadoran Stock Market

On this day, the placement in the primary market of series A of the Securitization Fund of the Corporación Interamericana para el Financiamiento de Infraestructura, SA (CIFI) for $ 25 million, which is the first placement of a total authorized amount of the issue for $ 100 million.

The El Salvador Stock Exchange welcomes CIFI, the first Panamanian company to issue securities in the Salvadoran stock market through securitization; This new fund reaffirms the solidity of our stock market to access financing with competitive conditions that are adapted to the objectives and financial projections of the companies.

“The securitization figure offers companies competitive financing, As they are public offering securities, it makes available to investors all the relevant information on the issue and the administration of the Fund. The issue that was placed this day was structured in such a way that it has the more attractive characteristics for local and foreign investors ”.

This Fund represents an issuance of securities for $ 100 million, becoming an efficient option for CIFI’s financial needs, highlighted the licensee Valentin Arrieta, General Manager of the El Salvador Stock Exchange, who took the opportunity to welcome you to this stock market.

Securitization in our country has become an efficient funding tool, which allows you tos It allows companies to obtain financing by selling or giving in exchange for cash those assets of the company that are likely to generate income in the future. “Over the years, securitization has allowed the different productive sectors to obtain resources to carry out new projects, especially the private sector. Since 2010, when securitization begins in our country, more than $ 1,505.84 has been channeled “, he concluded Valentin Arrieta.

Remo Bardi, executive director of Ricorp Titularizadora commented that “this new securitization of loan portfolio shares for infrastructure development marks a new step in the development of securitized securities, as a financing option for entrepreneurs and diversification of risk for investors seeking good investment. profitability and controlled risk. The creativity and financial innovation of the products structured by RICORP are increasingly contributing to the development of capital markets in the country and in the region ”, he concluded.

The CIFI Securitization Fund placed series A, traded through the Electronic Trading System of the SEN Stock Exchange in two blocks, one for US $ 16 million and the second for US $ 9 million, both for a 180-month term, whose credit rating is LEVEL TWO awarded by SCRiesgo Y Zumma Ratings, both risk rating agencies registered with the Superintendency of the Financial System.

Ivan Juarez, general manager of Atlantida Securities, responsible for the successful placement, adds that “the process of structuring and placing this issue in the El Salvador Stock Market is a milestone as it is the first securitization of the loan portfolio that is placed in our market and the first of a Panamanian originator. For investors it is a new opportunity to access sophisticated instruments that have an attractive risk profile in accordance with the current context and are an excellent option for diversifying their investment portfolios ”.

Finally, he highlighted that “this placement continues to position our market as an attractive option for potential regional issuers, demonstrating the technical capacity of our team and the interest of local and regional investors in this type of alternative.”

The Representative of the Securitization Securities Holders charged to the CIFI Securitization Fund is Lafise Securities House of Stock Brokers, an important figure that prints security and protects the interests of investors.