Friday, September 17

Cincinnati is the most affordable US city for renters living alone, a new report shows. Here’s how the top 10 stack up.

1. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati ranked top in the study.

Aaron Bernstein/Reuters

Cincinnati claimed the top spot for the fourth year in a row.

Average rent for a one-bed unit is $612 per month, the fifth-lowest of the 100 cities in the study, and it has a relatively low cost of living at $22,721 per year, putting it in the top ten, SmartAsset said. I

nsider’s Liz Knueven reported that her grocery bills were nearly cut in half when she moved from Seattle to Cincinnati, and dining out and transport suddenly became a lot cheaper, too.

Cincinnati also came in the top 20 for its April 2021 unemployment rate, at 4.6%, and the proportion of occupied housing units that have fewer than two bedrooms, at just over 28%, per SmartAsset’s report.