Wednesday, July 6

Citizens denounce for the second time in two months the Minister of Education for 25% of Spanish

Citizens want the defense of Spanish in the classroom to go through the courts. Inés Arrimadas’s party has denounced before the Prosecutor’s Office – for the second time in the last two months – the Minister of Education, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, for allegedly failing to comply with the sentence of 25% of Spanish in Catalan schools. The Prosecutor’s Office has already filed the first complaint of the formation, considering it “more political than legal.”

The Government now alleges a “legal impossibility” to comply with the sentence of 25% of Castilian

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In statements to the media after registering the complaint with the Superior Prosecutor of Catalonia, Arrimadas has accused the Minister of Education of the Generalitat of “acting like a bully” with the application of 25% of Spanish in Catalan classrooms. In Arrimadas’ opinion, the Government’s latest decree on languages ​​in education “is very clearly an attempt to disobey” the ruling.

Far from being cleared up, the issue of languages ​​in the classroom runs the risk of remaining in court. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) is the one who now has the ball on its roof after receiving the latest response from the Government, in which the Catalan Executive considered it impossible to apply the 25% ruling due to the approval of the new linguistic regulations.

Waiting for what the magistrates, political parties and entities against immersion agree on, they see the Government’s maneuver as a way of circumventing and ignoring the sentence, for which they have already announced that they will urge the Justice to act for a crime of disobedience against the Minister of Education. The first to go to the Prosecutor’s Office was Ciudadanos.

Citizens understand that once the term given to the Generalitat to execute the sentence has expired this Tuesday, they will obtain a response from the Prosecutor’s Office in accordance with their interests and not a file of the proceedings as occurred less than a month ago, when the Government was still inside of the legal period to voluntarily implement 25%.

The Prosecutor’s Office filed the first complaint from Ciudadanos on May 4, concluding that neither Gonzàlez-Cambray nor any other person in charge of the department had issued orders or instructions “tending to contempt” 25%. The Public Ministry once again recalled that the director of each center is responsible for language plans. The political leaders of the ministry can, at the discretion of the Prosecutor’s Office, “give unifying instructions”, but their specific execution falls to the directors.

Ciudadanos considers that now the situation has changed with the latest response from the Government to the TSJC not to apply the sentence and with the instructions sent by Gonzàlez-Cambray to the directors of the centers on linguistic uses.

“We are not going to leave a single infamy without fighting and we are not going to leave a single democratic tool unused to defend the rights of the Catalans, which basically means defending ourselves from the Government of the Generalitat”, added Arrimadas.