Tuesday, October 26

Citizens reproach Vox for its racism: “Connecting immigration and crime is abject”

The deputy of Citizens in the Catalan Parliament Nacho Martín Blanco has responded this Tuesday to the deputies of Vox, who during the last two days had spoken by launching racist slogans, for example wielding the percentage of foreigners in prison or suggesting that several recent crimes in Catalonia it could have been committed by people born outside.

“The idea of ​​constantly linking crime with immigration seems to me simply abject,” said the spokesman from the lectern, in response to deputy Joan Garriga, who had spoken just before. “It seems to me simply inadmissible to point to a group like this, roughly speaking, without any nuance, with data and percentages that do not correspond to reality as a whole. I am not saying that they do not take into account all the variables,” he said. insured.

In this way, Martín Blanco has also contested one of the demonstrations launched by the leader of the formation, Ignacio Garriga, who had given percentages from the Ministry of Justice to ensure that “42% of the prison population in Catalonia is foreigners”, therefore calling for the “direct expulsion of illegal immigration.” The deputy for Citizens has disfigured this issue, ensuring that when talking about percentages of crimes “we also take into account socioeconomic situations” or aspects such as “poverty and situations of inequality.”

“You have to talk about immigration, yes, but you have to speak responsibly, avoiding the targeting of entire groups. It is a discourse that generates animosity, hatred and a situation in society that is absolutely undesirable,” the spokesperson for Citizens in the Parliament.


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