Monday, July 4

Citizens will take the video with the logos of Vox and the Junta de Castilla y Léon to the judge for embezzlement

The deputy spokesman for the Mixed Group and Citizens Attorney, Francisco Igea, announced in the plenary session this Tuesday that tomorrow he will file a complaint for embezzlement against the vice president of the Board, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), who last Friday through his twitter account published a video about the appointment of senior positions that ended with a green background in which the Vox logo and that of the Junta de Castilla y León appeared. García-Gallardo removed the post minutes after Igea referred to alleged embezzlement.

Igea has explained that Citizens will present this complaint so that it is the Justice that clarifies the actions of the Vice President of the Board. The announcement has been made in the plenary session, during his oral question, to know the assessment of the action of the regional government in these first fifty days since its constitution.

“He has formed the Government with the highest positions in history, he has appointed a vice president who has insulted women, the disabled, teachers and half of the press,” he reminded Mañueco.

Likewise, the Citizens Attorney has disfigured the lack of action and mediation of the Minister of Employment and Industry, Mariano Veganzones “who is fighting against communism in a land governed by conservatives, leaving the workers of the Siro company abandoned.”

Special mention, the performance in livestock matters, “which puts at risk an essential sector in the Community”. “The counselor has left the fight against tuberculosis in the hands of García-Gallardo so that videos can be made,” he has disfigured. “The photos hugging cows, better in the electoral campaign, ask Mr. Casado”, he added. He has assured that Vox has opted for ‘Pepe and Otilio’ for the hiring of senior officials who have to resign “due to sectarianism”, alluding to the resignation of the Ecyl manager.

He has also criticized the tax reduction of 2,500 million euros. “They are going to have to explain to me how they are going to make that tax reduction”, alluding to the fact that Castilla y León only collects 703 million euros in taxes of its own. “They are getting infected,” she warned. Meanwhile, in health matters, he added, “30 years continue without being able to offer an alternative to health management”. “Please don’t make this too long for us. Give up that float and try to swim alone to shore”, he concluded.

Mañueco, who has not commented on the García-Gallardo video, has attacked the one who was his vice president. “Who has seen him and who sees him”, he said before reproaching him for his “vocation as a youtuber and talk show host”, annoyed because the Board “works normally and effectively” but without him. “I prefer to work against communism than to be sitting next to it” he said in reference to the fact that Igea, now in the Mixed Group, shares space with the attorney for Podemos, Pablo Fernández. “He has killed his parliamentary group,” he asserted.

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