Monday, September 26

City of Knowledge and 3M inaugurate Mural of women in science

As part of efforts to advance science around the world, for the fourth year in a row, 3M, the company that improves people’s lives through science presented the findings of the independent study “The State of Science in the World (SoSI, State of Science Index) “, which explored the perception of science in people, taking the pulse on how they feel and think in relation to this field, and its impact on a global level.

One of the main discoveries of this study is that science -as a result of the pandemic- regained greater importance in people’s lives, where 91% of Latin Americans commented that science gave them hope regarding their future.

Under this line, is that the company decided to create the regional movement called “Science Is Hope”, Which aims to vindicate science as an element that helps us solve global challenges such as access to STEM education, sustainability and the importance of shared collaboration, among others.

“The contributions science has made to improving the lives of people around the world has been invaluable. For this reason, at 3M we decided to pay tribute to science, through urban art, with the creation of a mural that shows us the importance of continuing to promote and inspire this type of discipline in new generations “, he commented Enrique Aguirre, general director of 3M for Central America and the Caribbean.

Why in the City of Knowledge?

Today, the City of Knowledge campus is brimming with classrooms and innovative companies rather than military barracks; Over 20 years, it has exchanged weapons for knowledge and on its campus, soldiers have been replaced by students and professionals, in this historical context, the City of Knowledge has positioned itself as an ideal space for the establishment of innovative and diverse international organizations Academic entities and important universities in the region, which not only contribute their knowledge to students and the country, but these entities have shown their interest in leveraging Panama’s resources to develop sustainable and innovative businesses.

In the case of 3M Panama, the company added the urban artist to this movement Eva De, who reflected on one of the external walls of the City of Knowledge gymnasium the work called “The future is now”, Which portrays the idea of ​​the inclusion of women in science, which from a composition recreates the rationale that more and more people place their trust and hope in science; as well as the way children marvel at the mysteries of scientific fields and paint us a greener and brighter future.

Mariana Núñez Haugland, Vice President of Communications at Ciudad del Saber, stated that “collaborating with 3M in this initiative to highlight science as a pillar of humanity, and professionals in all sciences as agents of change and hope, is aligned with our purpose. Ciudad del Saber, this knowledge exchange community, is the home of scientists who work day by day for a better future for Panama. It is an honor to pay tribute to them and inspire new generations through one of the murals on our campus, as part of their urban art circuit ”.

“From the beginning I felt very identified with this project since I consider science to be a very important element that helps us solve different problems. For this reason, I wanted to show the importance of promoting this type of discipline from childhood, since on many occasions there are barriers that prevent new generations of women from feeling motivated and attracted ”, she commented Eva De, urban artist in Panama.

It should be noted that this work had the participation of PPG, A leading company in paints and coatings worldwide, who provided inspiration to the artist, emphasizing how the pandemic has become a key factor in the perception of science by Latin Americans. “At PPG we know the impact that color and artistic interventions can have on people, that is why we joined this 3M initiative, with the premise of promoting the revaluation of science since it is the field that supports all innovations and , therefore, the development of humanity ”, he affirmed César Ceballos, Financial Director for Central America at PPG.

Through this initiative, 3M seeks to bring a message of encouragement and hope to different cities in Latin America, as well as to vindicate science as an important element in the life of any person.

The artistic intervention carried out in City of knowledge It is open to the general public, and everyone is invited to visit and be part of this movement of hope that highlights the importance of science in people’s lives and inclusion in STEM disciplines.