Tuesday, July 5

Ciudad Real airport closes its airspace due to a labor conflict with its private security

The Ciudad Real airport has closed its airspace due to a labor dispute between the infrastructure management company, Ciudad Real International Airport (CRIA), and the one in charge of its private security (Assure Control). The lack of agreement between both parties has led to this decision that will remain until an agreement is reached. According reports the newspaper Lanza From sources from the security company, at the moment there is “a small difficulty” between the airport and this company, although “we are still in time to resolve it.”

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Ensura Control indicates that the conflict comes “from a real debt problem” and that CRIA has been aware of this claim for months, “everything being perfectly documented and notified since the beginning of June.” Therefore, the airport owner is being required “to comply with the payment conditions established in the contract between the parties.”

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has referred to this situation today. Its spokesperson, Blanca Fernández, has affirmed that the Executive does not like the situation and trusts that it can be resolved. He has said he does not know if the management company will request public aid to continue the activity of the airport, but if it does, they will be granted if it meets the requirements for it.

“We hope it goes well and that they reach an agreement,” he remarked. “All companies are having a bad time and for the province of Ciudad Real this infrastructure is very important from an objective point of view, but it also represents a boost in self-esteem and that is why I would like them to solve their problems. But it is an internal situation of disagreement between two private companies and there the Government cannot intervene ”, he concluded.