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Ciudadanos aligns itself with the left in the investigation of the alleged espionage against Ayuso and points to two PP councilors

The desired consensus that Más Madrid wanted as the main opposition group was not possible in the end and the Madrid City Council groups showed their differences and their division when it came to agreeing on a final document with the conclusions of the investigation commission on the alleged espionage to the regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, which has been definitively closed this Tuesday. However, Más Madrid and PSOE managed to reach a negotiated agreement with Ciudadanos, partners of the Government of José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to approve common conclusions that include part of those that the three groups had previously presented separately on what they consider to be It has happened in the Madrid City Hall. Among them, that Almeida hindered the work of the commission with his attitude by not supporting many of the requested appearances, especially that of Ayuso.

But Ciudadanos has also joined the theory that two of Almeida’s most trusted people, members of his own Government, did not act correctly: the delegate councilor for the Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, who “clearly exceeded his limits in their functions and powers, personally participating in the meeting at the headquarters of the EMVS, dependent on the Delegated Area of ​​Urban Development, and participating in the interrogation of an employee of this public company”; and the delegate of the Housing area, and president of the EMVS, Álvaro González, who “broke the Code of Ethics” of the company.

The document states that “it has been left beyond any doubt that the investigation commission had more than sufficient cause for its creation, as there were reasonable doubts as to whether there had been an improper use of public media to spy on relatives of Díaz Ayuso or an attempt ”, as some of the charges they testified hinted at. However, the political responsibilities arising from this matter “are pending a definitive answer” given that there are “many things unclarified”, as highlighted by Más Madrid and PSOE.

In the text transacted with Ciudadanos, it is also stated that “it has been accredited by the mayor himself, in his appearance on May 9, 2022, that the internal investigation existed, ordered by him, and that material and human resources from the City Council were used. Madrid”.

The Mixed Group abstained in the vote while the PP and Vox voted against. Those of Marta Higueras and the PP maintained their own conclusions but saw both documents defeated, although they announced that they will keep them alive for their defense in the June plenary session. The only thing that all the groups have agreed on has been the recommendations that have been approved “unanimously”. They propose that appearances before the municipal investigation commissions by public officials be mandatory. In case of absence, “immediate dismissal is suggested if it is temporary staff, whether it is an advisor or a manager, and the opening of a disciplinary file if we are talking about staff or civil servants.”

Villacís does not consider a motion of censure

The unchecking of Begoña Villacís de Almeida is not going to mean that the deputy mayor is going to consider, as the Mixed Group insistently requests, the presentation of a motion of censure against the mayor, as corroborated by sources close to the Ciudadanos leader herself. But politically it is quite a setback for the mayor who his own partners leave practically alone at the moment. It so happens that the previous day the mayor was full of praise for Villacís during an informative breakfast attended by Ayuso and the deputy mayor of Madrid. Almeida not only thanked him for the joint work in these three “turbulent” and “very difficult” years, but also told him that he feels “very comfortable with Ciudadanos.” He even joked about their relationship. “I have the marriage that I haven’t had in my real life, although that doesn’t mean I won’t get married.”

In his opinion, in that tandem with Villacís, both have put above all “the citizen’s interest against the partisan” to promote Madrid as the “best capital” of all, a management that he did not stop bragging about throughout the breakfast highlighting the numerous achievements that in his opinion his Government has achieved for the city.

Despite the division that the groups have shown, the final debate of the commission has passed without tension. Miguel Montejo, spokesman for Más Madrid, in his speech, highlighted that there are reasons for purging political responsibilities that remain open in the face of “indications” that there were numerous irregularities and highlighted the “lack of collaboration from Mayor Almeida, who He has been left alone”.

From the PSOE, Mar Espinar, has begun by acknowledging that “we have failed and we have not been able to shed all the light that was necessary” to clarify the facts. “It has been a complicated commission with many obstacles where the absences have stood out more”. But above all, she has insisted that “it has been shown that the PP used public resources for its partisan interests.” “The mayor has not kept his word, there have been many personal attacks and a lot of nervousness”, she has also highlighted.

The deputy spokesman for the Mixed Group, José Manuel Calvo, has maintained that Ángel Carromero’s resignation “was not transparent” and that the councilor “lied” about the alleged internal investigation carried out in the EMVS. “All the members of the EMVS who have appeared have denied the existence of the internal investigation that Almeida claimed to have initiated. It is a new lie from the mayor”, they lament in Recupera Madrid.

Vox has not even presented its opinion with its verdict. The councilor of the far-right group, Pedro Fernández, has insisted that the investigation “was superfluous” and could have been done “through an initiative in plenary.” That is why they believe that it is the “Commission of Nothingness” in which the leftist groups have “made up” the results given that “it has not been proven that any type of espionage has been carried out with municipal resources, not even that it has been hired. to any detective for espionage work.”

The popular ones have revolted against the other groups. Its spokesman, José Fernández, has intervened in the debate to regret that the groups have not respected the investigations of two organizations that have made their own conclusions: the EMVS Ethics Commission, and the City Council’s Office against Fraud and Corruption from Madrid. The PP spokesman has accused the opposition of wanting to “set up a circus” and of “having the conclusions already written”. In his opinion, the investigation was launched “only to harm Mayor Almeida and the Popular Group.”

Hours before the documents were voted on, the mayor of Madrid himself again charged against the opposition, asking them to carry out “an exercise of honesty” to say “clearly that there was no espionage attempt, nor was there a commission and that there was no use of public money.”

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