Wednesday, January 19

Ciudadanos appoints Igea as a candidate in the elections in Castilla y León

Ciudadanos appoints Francisco Igea as a candidate for the elections in Castilla y León, as reported by the Orange Party through a statement. Igea thanked the “trust” for accepting the “unanimous” proposal of the Autonomous Committee.

Igea has referred to the early calling of elections as an “event that is not only unexpected, but also unusual.” “Rarely is such a regrettable act seen, we have never seen a community president abandon his responsibility and call an election at such a difficult time, without there being a need, an explanation, and it was also done by lying,” he said. loaded Igea.

The already candidate of Citizens for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León has underlined the work of the attorneys, the counselors, secretaries and general directors who “have left their skin” and have known how to “demonstrate that it can be managed and be effective “. Igea has predicted an “atypical” and “difficult” electoral campaign in which Citizens defend their government action “while others try to take advantage”. Citizens will ask their positions to be “as careful as possible.” “There are many ways of campaigning, thematic or face-to-face and we will manage to reach most of the sites. Surprisingly some have made the decision and have not made a decision to protect the citizens. Well, one yes, one today has given a press conference without calling the press, I suppose for prevention “, he criticized.

The former regional vice president has demanded that citizens be asked “forgiveness” because “politics should not give these shows.” “Where are the interests that allowed us a budget for recovery?” Asked Francisco Igea, who has rejected that Castilla y León is “a political springboard”. “Sánchez does not appear here, Pablo Casado does not appear. Here the interest of the citizens of this community is at stake, and whoever introduces other people’s interests will find Citizens and citizens”, advanced Igea, who has rejected that Castilla and León is going to be “the wall against sanchismo” as Mañueco says. “This is not a wall or a game board. It is the territory of 2.4 million”, has criticized Igea.

Francisco Igea has highlighted the work of the Ministry of Employment, with figures “unknown since 2008”, the work done in “unblocking” land use planning, the importance of the open data portal and the reform of Primary Care. This, he has indicated, will be his electoral agenda.

“We are not going to focus on the sad character that covers her and does not look into the eyes of those who for two years defend the government action,” stressed Igea, who has assured that Citizens did their work “while some were hiding “. “When it was necessary to take measures, we were always there, when it was necessary to meet with the trade and the hotel industry we were there,” he stressed.

Francisco Igea has demanded that Mañueco not come out “unscathed” from the situation “that he has caused.” “We have been called stupid, it could be. But citizens prefer those who do politics from honesty, light and loyalty,” he remarked. Igea has assured that the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, feared that the Transparency Law and the Office against Fraud and Corruption would go ahead. “I am almost sure”, has affirmed.

Igea believes that in the coming months “an electoral campaign is going to be fought like never before” and has warned of the risk of returning “to press conferences without questions, to phone calls, to data that does not come out.” “We are not going to give blow by blow and that is going to complicate the campaign, we are not going to overthrow governments, we are not going to overthrow councils, it is time to go for it, yes, but as we are,” he assured. Igea recalled that they govern in coalition with the support of the PSOE and the PP, and even by “dangerous secessionists” such as Por Ávila, a split party of the PP, has commented ironically.

Igea has assured that it has “desire” to debate with Mañueco. “Not because we go to a ring, if not because citizens have to know the truth,” he pointed out. The candidate for Cs has been eager for Mañueco to “look into the eyes of those who took him forward in times of trouble.” “Sánchez came to impose his interests with a motion of censure and we prevented it, and Pablo Casado has come and Mañueco has not prevented it,” he reproached. If any party needs Igea’s support to govern, their party will do so “according to the program.”

The permanent committee of Citizens has accepted this Monday the request of the autonomous committee not to convene primaries and directly appoint the one who was a candidate in 2019 and autonomous vice president until a week ago, Francisco Igea. The Executive Committee has ratified the decision and the General Council will be informed.

The party led by Inés Arrimadas recalls that the electoral regulations allow the Standing Committee to adopt “the decisions that are pertinent” if there are reasons “of extraordinary and urgent necessity” such as those of Castilla y León in the face of the “surprise” anticipated electoral call. This situation – together with the epidemiological situation and the Christmas holidays – “does not allow the affiliates to be offered, if the internal electoral procedure is called, the adequate guarantees so that they can fully exercise their rights of participation.”

Ciudadanos considers it “necessary” not to organize a primary in Castilla y León, a measure “always painful for a deeply democratic party like Ciudadanos.”

The Permanent Committee has proposed to the Executive Committee that, given the impossibility of holding primaries, Francisco Igea be appointed as a candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León.

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