Friday, September 24

Ciudadanos closes an agreement to govern in Leganés with a ‘sanchista’ mayor of the PSOE

Ciudadanos continues to surprise with the decisions it is making at the municipal level. When the motion of censure signed last week by the only mayor who has the party in El Escorial together with the PSOE and Podemos is still hot against the mayor of the PP to make way for a socialist alderman – an initiative that the national leadership assures that it does not endorse While studying measures against his councilor, this Monday what has been confirmed is that the three councilors that the party has in another important Madrid municipality, Leganés, have closed an agreement to govern with the PSOE. The pact comes after the crisis suffered between the socialists and the representatives of Más-Madrid Leganemos, parties that ruled together until last June. The complaint filed by one of the councilors of Iñigo Errejón’s formation against her own groupmate, whom she has accused of sexist violence, led to the breakdown of said coalition.

Those of Arrimadas have not hesitated to accept the offer of the PSOE, which has ten councilors in Leganés, and whose militants will hold an internal vote on Tuesday to give the approval or not to this change of partners. The vote, which depends on whether the agreement is materialized, will take place between seven and nine at night in the party group. Previously, the mayor has sent them a note with a text justifying and explaining the terms of said agreement. In it he assures them that Ciudadanos Leganés has developed in these two years of legislature “a useful, responsible, reasonable, constructive, dialogue and vigilant opposition, which has included support for municipal budgets and the implementation of beneficial measures for residents. and neighbors of our municipality “. For this reason, they add, they are now taking that step and closing that agreement with those of Arrimadas “to form a government team that guarantees progress, prosperity, effectiveness, efficiency in management and liberal policies for all Leganese.” The socialists assume the same language that those of Arrimadas usually use and affirm that “with the pact signed between both political forces, we offer our neighbors an alternative of progressive, liberal, focused, moderate, solid and efficient government.”

In addition, it reveals that according to the signed agreement, “Citizens will occupy the deputy mayor’s office and will be in charge of economic management, policies for families and social welfare, mobility and housing. The PSOE, meanwhile, will continue to hold the Mayor’s Office and the rest of the municipal areas “. This means, they clarify, that Citizens from the economic area “will be next to all the employers, freelancers, and workers of Leganés.” In this sense, they anticipate that they will make “a continuous study to be able to apply lower taxes in the area of ​​economic activities, encourage job creation and offer the best conditions for investment.” Along with that, they announce that they will “help the hospitality industry by expanding terraces or with consumer bonds”, and also SMEs and the self-employed so that they can “alleviate the effects of the pandemic with postponement measures and fractional payment of taxes. municipalities “, and other improvements in the rates

After laying out other plans for the city and guaranteeing that it will prioritize policies that guarantee social protection for the most vulnerable people – including access to housing – the Legánes socialists tell their militants that they are “convinced that that it will be a change that will benefit everyone and that is what we will demonstrate during the almost two years that lie ahead “.

The pact between both parties has caused stupor in the Union for Leganés (ULEG), the municipal group led by Carlos Delgado Pulido, who knows well the formation founded by Albert Rivera and is the author of the book ‘Rivera is a lizard from V “. His group has 4 councilors while United We Can – IU has three, the PP maintains four and Vox only one.

“Next Tuesday, September 7, the militancy of the PSOE of Leganés will pronounce itself before an unusual pact that is already more than cooked”, sentence on his blog, in which he describes the pact as “a Frankenstein agreement, as Rubalcaba would say, where the proposals are an excuse to place close friends and promote a clientelistic network where Cs wants to” catch chub “before his imminent disappearance. The insistence on including” liberal policies ” “And the word ‘liberal’ in the deal is a fat, hairy, slimy toad for the left.”

The ULEG spokesperson, on the other hand, believes that the agreement “is a slap in the face to the United We Can-IU group, who has been unable to condition the PSOE and at the same time has cowered to try a progressive course away from the foothills of Llorente and a socialism in Leganés that is clearly reactionary. A dog in the cucumber manger that has become a huge obstacle to change. ” He also criticizes Más Madrid-Leganemos whose paper says that “it is in question, since it seems evident that they will continue to support the Llorente government, although now with one of the elements of what they baptized as “trifachito” and “right” in the council seats “.

Delgado Pulido also finally predicts that “the figure of the vice mayor’s office will also generate conflicts in a PSOE of Leganés dominated by egos, narcissism and drunken posture although absolutely devoid of competence. “Inés

Last week the spokesperson for Ciudadanos in El Escorial signed a motion of censure with the PSOE and Podemos to unseat the PP from the City Council where Casado’s have been ruling for 14 years. The only mayor of the Arrimadas formation, Marta de la Vera, decided last February to leave the local government that is still presided over by the leader of the PP, Antonio Vicente, to promote the replacement and that the socialist now takes the baton of command. The triumph of the motion of censure, which will be debated and voted on next 16 of this month, therefore depends on the vote of this councilor since the PP and Vox add eight councilors and the left-wing coalition led by Podemos, United El Escorial UEE and the PSOE, another eight. From the national leadership they have wanted to make it clear that they distance themselves from the decision made by De la Vera while assuring that they do not rule out opening an expulsion file.

In Leganés everything started at the end of June when Llorente announced the breaking of the Government pact with Más Madrid-Leganemos before the “management paralysis” that the councilor attributed to the internal problems of that coalition, once the councilor Eva Martínez filed a complaint against her colleague Fran Muñoz for sexist violence. Since then the PSOE ruled alone after Martinez resigned from her positions very angry at the lack of support from the PSOE to her person after making such a complaint.

This sudden approach of Arrimadas to the PSOE collides with the animosity that he professes to what he calls sanchismo, of which Santiago Llorente is one of its representatives. At the same time, his party still maintains several agreements with those of Casado in various municipalities of Madrid, and in the City Council of the capital itself.

In a interview published this Monday on ABC, The leader of Ciudadanos does not hesitate to affirm that “sanchismo is too dangerous to be removed from the Government by a single party”, in a clear message to the PP to join forces with that objective although each formation on its own and with its own initials .

The deputy spokesman of the party in Congress, Edmundo Bal, announced this Monday that the leaders of Madrid will report on that agreement shortly, but has separated the decisions made by the formation at the municipal level with those of national significance.

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