Sunday, October 17

Ciudadanos proposes to place the LGTBI flag in Pedro Zerolo Square and forces Almeida to position himself before Vox

The neo-Nazi demonstration in the heart of Chueca will arrive at the Madrid municipal plenary session this Tuesday in the form of five proposals and questions from different parties. The most prominent of them will be the initiative pronounced by the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, in which she will ask for the condemnation of “the demonstrations and expressions carried out on September 18 in the course of a demonstration in the streets of Chueca”, reads the text of the proposition.

Nazi Neighbors Association: the platform against “globalism” that shows its homophobia in Chueca

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Villacís (Citizens) will claim in his proposal that the City Council “permanently place the LGTBI banner in the Plaza de Pedro Zerolo”, in response to the ultra concentration in which homophobic shouts and chants were heard against the residents of the neighborhood of Chueca, facts that are being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for a possible hate crime.

The initiative of the deputy mayor also asks that the Madrid City Council endorse the resolution approved by the European Parliament on September 14, which requires EU members to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, and that marriages and unions between same-sex couples enjoy the same rights throughout the European Union. The PP abstained from this vote in the European Parliament and Almeida, the party’s national spokesperson as well as the mayor of the capital, will be forced to show the meaning of his vote in this proposal.

It is not the first time that the deputy mayor raises the tension with her government partners on account of the rainbow flag. The last time was during the celebration of the last Pride, when he tried to display a large banner on Gran Vía, 700 meters long. An action for which the Board of the Center, in the hands of José Fernández (PP), did not grant permission.

Two proposals and two more questions about Chueca

That of Citizens will be one of the proposals on the protest in Chueca that will be voted on in plenary. The PSOE will take another initiative for the Madrid City Council to “draw up an Action Plan for the Prevention of Hateful Behavior and Discrimination”, while Rita Maestre, spokesperson for Más Madrid, will ask the mayor if “he believes there is a relationship between the speeches of hatred and homophobia ”after“ the slogans heard at the far-right demonstration ”. In addition, the spokesperson for the Mixed Group, Marta Higueras, will ask Almeida “for a resounding and explicit condemnation by this City Council” with respect to the aforementioned events.

Finally, Vox will also carry a proposal related to different riots that occurred in the capital. His spokesman, Ortega Smith, will ask the City Council to urge “the Government Delegation to approve a truly effective concrete plan to prevent violence in the streets” and to “exercise its powers to prohibit those demonstrations in which possible disturbances of public order by groups that provoke violence and altercations in the streets ”.

The plenary session will be attended, invited by Más Madrid, by some representatives of the LGTBI + groups that filed a criminal complaint last week against the organizers and members of the ultra demonstration.

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