Sunday, December 3

Ciudadanos sells its management in Andalusia against the clock: “This week has served to put us the medals”

Ciudadanos has held its central campaign act in Malaga with one goal: to turn around the polls that predict its collapse, from 21 to three deputies according to the CIS, until achieving something that now seems ambitious: a representation capable of turning them into a key again of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía. To do this, he has proposed to do something that many have missed in three and a half years: make his management profitable in the Government of the Andalusian Government, almost always capitalized by the Popular Party. This Sunday he had the help of Inés Arrimadas. “This week has served for what we have not done in previous years: put on the medals. Many have found out that Ciudadanos has freelancers, companies, dependence, regeneration, tourism,” said the president of the party, aware that the low visibility hampers the options of reissuing the pact with the popular ones.

The sepia photo of Ciudadanos in Alhaurín de la Torre: how it went from victory to disappearance in four years

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Marín is trying to do in fifteen days of campaigning what he has not achieved until now: make his work in the Government of the Andalusian Government politically profitable. Ciudadanos has exercised key competences, but many do not even know it: Tourism (where Andalusia has become the most visited in Spain), Economy (growth exceeds the Spanish average), Education or Dependency. “We have managed. And the Popular Party has made a policy of our administration”, he said this morning.

Marín says that he sees himself revalidating the Government of the Junta de Andalucía, and even makes promises in matters whose competence he has exercised in the last legislature. In freelancers, a bonus of the 30% fee. In Equality and Social Policies, a budget increase of up to 2% of GDP. In Education, a 30% increase in the amount earmarked for scholarships.

The other great discursive axis of the orange party is that, without them, nothing would have been the same. “The PP, if we leave it alone, will return to business as usual”, predicted Marín, who has supported Arrimadas: “We already had a PSOE with their hands free for 40 years without bothering them to do what they want. So no party can and should not have a free hand to do whatever they want.”

The party’s national leader is “convinced” that “not one of the Citizens voters in 2018 regrets their vote.” However, the CIS survey reflects a transfer to the Popular Party of 48.9% of those votes, and also shows that more than a quarter of those orange voters now see the popular option as the one that best fits their ideology.

Message to those who left

Today Arrimadas said that the internal trackings point to the rise. This Monday the last one will be known, but the last flash survey of the CIS predicts that Citizens would disappear in five of the eight provinces, and that in Malaga they would go from four deputies to one. Citizens arrives sunk in all the polls known so far and with many already considering the party written off, to the point that the incorporation of some of its illustrious people to positions under a popular single-color government slips.

“The best are here, they are still here and they are not going to move from Ciudadanos”, he said today. “You know how many times they have put me everywhere. Well, no, I’m not going to move from here. I believe in this project, it continues to excite me. I will continue in Ciudadanos”. Others get off the ship. Only 20% of its deputies repeat in the lists. The last casualty, and the most notorious, is that of Sergio Romero, former vice president of the Andalusian Parliament. Guillermo Díaz, deputy in congress and leader of Ciudadanos in Malaga, was especially harsh: “There are others who did have a price because they were for sale, for whom I ask for compassion because the label of traitor accompanies you all your life.”

If the music that enlivens the waiting for the candidates transmits a message, in Ciudadanos they are determined that their rallies look like any random summer terrace. It sounds Latin and music to get closer, without getting to perrear. Of the Macarena to Danny Ocean, going through the relaxed little flamenquito and Estopa, there are times when this seems like a company soiree.

Ciudadanos had scheduled its central event in Malaga, coinciding this weekend on the Costa del Sol with the leaders and candidates of all the parties represented in the Andalusian Parliament: Pedro Sánchez and Juan Espadas, Núñez Feijoo and Moreno, Yolanda Díaz and Inmaculada Nieto and Abascal and Olona have had events in the province. Those of Citizens are the only ones in which the flags of Spain proliferate above those of Andalusia, and where the flags of the European Union are also seen. They also have a young profile, with the majority of supporters around 40. There are no buses here to unload older men from anywhere in the province. To begin with, because four years later, some of those municipal structures no longer exist.