Tuesday, March 21

Clash in Palo Blanco, Guerrero: Ayotzinapa normalistas throw trailer to booth

CHILPANCINGO, Guerrero.- Normalist students from Ayotzinapa and elements of the National Guard and State Police they confronted for almost an hour with exchange of stones, firecrackers, tear gas grenades and fragmentation, as well as Molotov cocktails.

The official report says that there are 21 injured police officers, 10 from the National Guard and 11 state police officers, as well as five students detained, so far.

when students normalists pretended retake the Palo Blanco toll booth, located on the Highway of the Sun, elements of the National Guard and the State Police were already at that point.

For several minutes, the officers tried to make the students understand in order to convince them to withdraw so that the vehicles using that road could continue to circulate, but they were unsuccessful and the protesters continued to insist on taking over that booth.

Annoyed at not being able to take the booth, verbal confrontations and shoving began between the two sides, and later the students began throwing stones at the police bar, who in anti-riot gear were stationed to prevent the normalistas from taking over the place. Ayotzinapa.

The confrontation began to escalate until it began with the exchange of firecrackers, Molotov cocktails, fragmentation grenades and tear gas bombs, a confrontation in which the reporters who were covering the events were left in the middle.

They launch trailer in booth

In a tense pause, a trailer from a commercial company was suddenly seen coming, which the students let go unmanned; The police officers made way, the unit continued on the booth and crossed it until it hit a food business without any injuries being reported for that specific event.

Preliminarily, there is a record of 2 injured members of the National Guard, as well as three members of the State Police, two of them women; while the normalistas have not reported if anyone among them was injured.

After the confrontations, two forest fires remained on the sides of that stretch of road that firefighters from Tierra Colorada and Acapulco had to attend to, because there is no passage on the Chilpancingo side, since the normalist students keep the road blocked.

The road section from Tierra Colorada to Chilpancingo on the Autopista del Sol remains closed, at the beginning of the long vacation bridge.

It should be remembered that after 6 years of taking booths, at least twice a week, last Friday was the first time that the Ayotzinapa normalistas were prevented from taking booths, after the approval by the Senate of the reform that punishes with up to 7 years in prison whoever takes booths.