Wednesday, May 18

Classified documents of the British Defense on Russia appear at a bus stop



A case as sensitive as it is mysterious. Classified documents of the Ministry of Defense of the UK containing details about a British warship and the possible reaction of Russia to its passage through the Black Sea were found at a bus stop in southern England, reported this Sunday
the BBC

According to the British public channel, the dossier, of almost 50 pages in total, he was found last Tuesday by a pedestrian. It was a pile of papers soaked by rain and being out in the open.

The Defense Ministry has admitted to having been informed last week of “a accident en the one that someone had recovered some sensitive documents for the defense of the United Kingdom. “The Department of Defense takes information security very seriously and an investigation has been launched. The employee in question reported the loss at that time. It would not be appropriate to comment further, “said a spokesman.

The BBC reported that the documents, which included emails and PowerPoint presentations, were related to the British warship Defender, which sailed last week through the waters of the Crimean peninsula, annexed to Russia in 2014.

Russia said Wednesday that it had fired warning shots at a British ship in the Black Sea to expel it from what the Kremlin says are its territorial waters, but which Britain and most of the international community claim belongs to Ukraine.

He later summoned the British ambassador to Moscow for a formal diplomatic reprimand for what he described as a provocation.

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