Saturday, July 24

Claude Joseph resigns as Prime Minister of Haiti and relinquishes office to the designated by the assassinated president



Haiti will have a new government on Tuesday headed by Ariel Henry as prime minister, whom President Jovenel Moise had appointed before being assassinated, a source close to the Executive told AFP.

The Acting Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, will again occupy the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new government, which will have no president and will have the task of organizing new elections “as soon as possible,” said the source.

Moise had chosen Henry to replace Joseph as prime minister in the days leading up to his shooting murder at his residence in Port-au-Prince in the early morning of July 7.

But in the hours after the assassination, Joseph declared a “state of siege” and took charge of the Caribbean island, causing a Fight for power in the troubled Caribbean nation, mired in poverty and violence.

“For several days, Claude Joseph and Ariel Henry have been holding a series of working meetings that will lead to the formation of an inclusive government with Ariel Henry as prime minister,” said the official.

Without acting legislature

Moise ruled Haiti, the poorest country in America, by decree after the 2018 legislative elections were postponed due to disputes, so the country still lacks a sitting legislature.

In addition to the presidential, parliamentary and local elections, Haiti must conduct a referendum constitutesl in September, after the consultation was postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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