Sunday, December 10

CLERHP signs in Bolivia new contracts worth one million euros

As reported by the engineering company for BME Growth, the subsidiary CLERHP Structures Bolivia, has signed two new contracts to carry out the construction work of the concrete structures of relevant civil works.

Specifically and as detailed by CLERHP, the framework contract for the performance of reinforced concrete works at the Colquiri concentrator plant, an open contract that will be supplemented with annexes on specific works, and another for the performance of work at the Iviruzu hydroelectric dam , for an initial amount of 1 million euros.

Is about contracts for works of great value and where the company expects the important ones to be expanded considerably with other work.

CLERHP on the stock market today

Another bullish day for CLERHP Structures, which leaves behind the falls of 2021 and faces the new year with optimism. So much so, that the value of their titles rises more than 3% in the stock market today, being the most bullish company in BME Growth.

Thanks to the rises that its titles are experiencing today, CLERHP has overcome the medium term resistance marked at 1.97 euros per share upon reaching the level of 2 euros intraday.