Tuesday, November 29

Climate activists hold a counter-summit in Barcelona: “COP27 is a dead letter”

A hundred people have participated this Saturday in a conference contrary to the United Nations climate summit that is being held these days in Egypt. This counter-summit has been organized by the Network of Movements for Climate Justice, which considers that COP27 “doesn’t make any sense, it’s just a dead letter”.

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First thing in the morning, talks were held on the climate emergency that culminated in a protest march that passed through Sants Station.

According to Naiara Fernández, a member of the Network, “this counter-summit is the consequence of not believing in the COP, of seeing how year after year there are only politicians who pass by with their private jets to make promises that never come”, as he has declared to ACN.

The Network for Climate Justice wants to unite various groups that work in the field of poverty, anti-racism, feminism, food or labor rights, to denounce inaction in the face of climate change and pose shared challenges. “The lack of ambition of governments is condemning the planet”, they have denounced from the Network.


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