Wednesday, December 7

Climate activists interrupt a Davis Cup match in Malaga: “There is no sport on a dead planet”

Two climate activists have jumped onto the tennis court where the Davis Cup quarterfinals between Spain and Croatia will be played this Wednesday, in Malaga. The ecologists, members of the Futuro Vegetal organization, have circumvented the security of the event, they have climbed the net that divides the field and have forced the referee to interrupt the match. “I am terrified for my future and that of my family. We don’t have time left to continue trying the same tactics with which we have been alerting for years. The COP has failed for another year”, claimed one of the participants in the protest.

The two people who have slipped into the middle of the track carried banners that read “Desertification = Famine” and “There is no sport on a dead planet.” After a few seconds, several people in charge of security have forcibly removed them and the game has been able to resume. “At a local level, the Mediterranean coast, in addition to being one of the regions most affected by the Climate Crisis, according to the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change Experts (IPCC), is already in the process of desertification. Despite this evidence, Spain almost doubles the world average of water consumption per year, with 70% destined for agriculture and livestock, and 70% of the grain produced in our territory is used by livestock,” the organization explained in a statement sent to the media.

Futuro Vegetal has also targeted tennis player Carlos Alcaraz for his participation in advertising campaigns for El Pozo, one of the largest meat companies in Spain. “Our current agri-food system is economically and ecologically unsustainable. It condemns us to famine and death in the coming years, while the five multi-billion dollar meat industry corporations squeeze every last drop from the commons. This is why we call on the population to rise up to recover their food security, their sovereignty over a fundamental right for all living beings, food”, the activists have exclaimed.

The Futuro Vegetal organization is the same organization that organized the protest in El Prado in Madrid at the beginning of November, when two activists stuck to the frames of ‘La maja vestida’ and ‘La maja desnuda’ by Francisco de Goya. Shortly after, they sneaked into a room of the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona and threw fake “blood and oil” into the display case of a replica of a pharaonic mummy. Futuro Vegetal is an environmental, civil disobedience and nonviolent protest organization attached to Extinction Rebellion. They began their activity this January and since then they have carried out different actions against, for example, the Ministry of Agriculture or a factory belonging to the El Pozo food company.

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