Tuesday, February 27

Climate activists stop La Vuelta ciclista in front of the headquarters of El Pozo

After the hot summer with record temperatures, extreme drought and chronic fires throughout the country, activists from Futuro Vegetal blocked the exit of La Vuelta cyclists for a few minutes in front of the El Pozo headquarters in Alhama de Murcia. The food company is one of the sponsors of the race.

During the protest, they recalled that livestock farming, especially intensive farming, is one of the main causes of the climate crisis and that Murcia is one of the most affected regions, where all the models foresee its desertification.

In addition, Futuro Vegetal points out that the current agri-food system consumes 70 percent of state water and poisons the rest due to massively used manure, antibiotics and hormones. The stabled animals eat feed made from cereals such as soybeans, mostly imported from Brazil (according to EU statistics, 7 out of 8 hectares deforested are for feed production), and the high demand results in the destruction of the Amazon.

From the association they call on the entire population to “rise up against the dynamics that drag us to the precipice of eco-social collapse. We cannot depend on the will of corporations or the inaction of governments. We need to be the change. It’s a matter of life or death.”