Wednesday, December 7

Climate activists throw “blood and oil” into the showcases of the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona

The activists of the Futuro Vegetal group have launched fake “blood and oil” this Sunday at the display case of a replica of a pharaonic mummy in the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona to alert about the climate emergency.

The Council of Europe publishes an alert on the arrest of journalists from El Salto for covering the Prado protest

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“We can no longer stand that governments whitewash their image in COPs to deceive the population without taking real measures,” they have indicated on their Twitter profile. They have also criticized Coca Cola’s sponsorship link with COP27: “It is very hard for us to believe that the number one corporation in the world in plastic pollution is not going to exert its influence as a sponsor of COP27 in favor of its commercial interests, given its total dependence on fossil fuels.

According to Mossos d’Esquadra, the protesters have been identified and have been released. The blood was actually jam and, according to the Catalan police, it would have stained a small part of the sarcophagus. As reported by the Egyptian Museum, “a complaint will be filed for the damage to all attendees.”

This is the same organization that, two weeks ago, stuck to the paintings of ‘las majas’ by Goya in the Prado Museum, warning of the rise in temperatures on the planet. The two activists and the journalists who covered the event in Madrid were accused of a crime against historical heritage.

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