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Climate change continues to cause craters in Siberia | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent years, a large number of craters have appeared on the surface of Siberia. These are gigantic holes, some of them several meters deep, which have aroused curiosity among scientists and local residents.

The first of these phenomena emerged in 2014, since then, the authorities have registered the appearance of more than 20 craters.

According to the researchers, they are gas explosions that come from permafrost. For now, the worst affected area appears to be the Yamal Peninsula. The good news is that, so far, there have been no fatalities from this strange situation.

Various ideas

The first theories that emerged indicated that it could be meteorites, but this was soon discarded, especially after the study and analysis of the craters.

It was also thought that the culprit could be the extraction of fossil fuels in the region, but this idea could never be proven.

Now a new study points out that climate change would cause these craters to appear.

According to the research, it all starts with the accumulation of natural gas inside the Earth, which is a common phenomenon.

At the same time, high temperatures weaken the permafrost, which has occurred in the past five years in the Arctic and Siberia, recording temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius in the Arctic Circle this summer.

This has allowed the permafrost to melt, which makes it easier for the interior gases to press down and rise to the surface. The way they do it is through explosions that leave a huge hole in the ground.

The researchers also note that this situation is likely to only occur in the Yamal Peninsula and the Gydan Peninsula, which are the two places in the world that meet the geological conditions that are needed for this.

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