Wednesday, December 8

Climate disinformation on Facebook continues to increase | Digital Trends Spanish

A new study presented at the Climate Summit (COP26) claims that Facebook is one of the largest providers of climate disinformation in the world.

The research was developed by the Stop Funding Heat organization and analyzes more than 195 pages and groups on the platform and has found some 818 thousand publications in which climate change is denied or made relative.

According to the work presented, these publications have received close to 1.36 million views every day.

The investigators analyzed open groups and accounts of denialist politicians on the social network, and have concluded that the magnitude of climate misinformation is “staggering” and is increasing considerably.

In fact, interactions with these types of messages have skyrocketed 76.7 percent in the last year.

Who are behind?

Meanwhile, another investigation carried out by the NGO Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), affirms that only 10 publishers are responsible for 69 percent of the digital content of denial of climate change that is published on Facebook, including almost seven thousand articles last year who deny the climate crisis.

The far-right portal Breitbart, which was previously run by the advisor of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, is the main producer of this type of content, which is also disseminated by other pages such as The Federalist Papers.

During this week, world leaders are in Glasgow, Scotland, to carry out the COP26 that seeks instances to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and stop the increase in the temperature of the planet.

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