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Clive Sinclair, Father of the Pocket Calculator, Dies | Digital Trends Spanish

The British inventor and businessman, Clive Sinclair, died this Friday, September 17 at the age of 81, after facing a long illness.

Sinclair is known as one of the pioneers of modern computing and is remembered for the ZX Spectrum, a computer that gained notoriety among video game lovers.

The inventor also created a pocket calculator and other devices that helped popularize home computing.

The news was confirmed by his daughter Belinda Sinclair, who indicated that her father passed away at his home in London accompanied by his family.

Clive Sinclair.

In an interview with The GuardianThe 57-year-old said that her father “was an incredible person. Of course, he was very smart and was always interested in everything. My daughter and her husband are engineers, so she would chat about engineering with them. “

In the beginning, Clive Sinclair worked for four years as a journalist to raise funds to found his company Sinclair Radionics.

“I wanted to do small and cheap things so that people could access them,” his daughter told the same outlet.

The news of his passing was also mourned by Elon Musk, who wrote on his Twitter account: “RIP, Sir Sinclair. I loved that computer, ”referring to Spectrum’s ZX model.

This version hit the market in 1980 and became one of the most successful, especially for its low price, which was five times cheaper than the computers that were sold at that time.

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