Friday, August 12

Club Millonarios de Colombia will launch its own fan token

El Millonarios FC became the first club in Colombia to join the platform to launch a fan token. This alliance gives advantages to fans who acquire these crypto assets.

The fans of the Blue Ballet, as Millionaires are also known, who have in their possession the fan token $ MFC, will be able to participate in important team decisions through surveys.

Another benefit of this new alliance for Colombian soccer is that the fans also will have access to exclusive discounts and promotions, contests and even interact with other club fans in a app.

Until now, the release date of the fan token is unknown and the number of tokens that will be put on sale in the initial launch, reported the Colombian club on its website.

For Millonarios FC it is very important to be at the forefront and at the height of the best clubs in the world. Being part of the prestigious organization will allow us to become the first team in Colombia to be part of this recognized interaction platform.

Enrique Camacho, president of Millonarios FC.

In the Ambassador, as Millionaires are known in Colombia, they want to be at the level of the great teams in the world that already have their fan tokens.

Until now,, ensures that it has about 1.3 million users spread over more than 160 countries and he has signed the most important clubs with his proposal. Among these are FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Arsenal and Juventus.

It should be noted that is responsible for monetizing with brands through the creation and distribution and marketing of personalized tokens. Something that many teams from different sports disciplines are taking advantage of to generate resources.

The platform has broken into the Latin American market with force and has teams and national teams among its ranks.

One of those countries to which it has arrived is Argentina. Apparently, the River Plate team is one of those that recently joined Whether on that or on another platform, what is confirmed is that Marcelo Gallardo’s River will have its fan token in the near future, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias.

Likewise, Racing Club de Avellaneda, considered one of the five most important teams in Argentine soccer, you will have your fan token on the platform.

In the field of national teams, this medium also reported that the Argentine Soccer Team together with, launched a fan token that was a sales success, last June. They sold 600,000 $ ARG tokensin just 3 hours after the sale started, and caused the platform to collapse due to high demand.

However, after the initial enthusiasm, market sentiment appears not to have been positive relative to the $ ARG token. At CoinGecko price tracker it can be seen that its price has been steadily declining since its launch.