Monday, September 20

Clubhouse now offers a more realistic experience | Digital Trends Spanish

Clubhouse, the audio social network that brings together formats as diverse as the live podcast, the TED talk or academic conferences, has just included a significant improvement.

As reported by the platform in a blog post, from now on it has support for spatial audio. This means that the experience is much more immersive, as if we were inside the room with the people who are part of it. Clubhouse explains that the support for spatial audio offers a better experience if the app is used with headphones, either wired or wireless.

The system works in a similar way to how Microsoft’s HoloLens do. The app selects a specific position for each earphone and then distributes the sound evenly. Then make use of technology Head-related transfer function o Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF), or what we commonly know as virtual surround sound.

The spatial audio feature has started rolling out for all Clubhouse users on iOS since August 29 and will be rolling out to Android users as well soon. Using it is as simple as activating the spatial audio function through the Clubhouse settings menu.

Clubhouse was released in beta phase limited to invitations and few users in the summer of 2020 and it has not been until a year later that it has been available to everyone. It seems that despite the fact that its downloads fell after the initial boom, the social network whose format has been imitated even by greats like Twitter, is still riding high.

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