Tuesday, May 24

CNN Plus streaming platform exhibits a slow debut | Digital Trends Spanish

A more languid premiere than expected has been experienced by the CNN Plus streaming platform in its first two weeks of life. The news signal has barely added 10,000 subscribers since its launch on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

“The measly audience casts doubt on the future of the app, following the recent combination of Discovery and WarnerMedia,” he said. CNBC. Priced at $5.99 (monthly) and $59.99 (yearly), the service has been available sporadically on Roku and remains absent from Android TV.

According to anonymous sources, the same press version pointed out that the paid signal suffered a sharp drop in audience in 2021. In any case, it registered an average of 773,000 viewers each day, far from the poor payroll of CNN Plus subscribers.

Despite the poor figures of the debut, the company is confident in the future of the streaming platform. “We remain pleased with the launch and its progress after just two weeks,” a spokesperson said.

CNN Plus premiered with familiar faces from rival news networks, including Kasie Hunt (NBC News) and Chris Wallace (Fox News). However, skepticism prevails over the demand for information, even more so if the wide range of entertainment content is considered.

For context, CNBC released the numbers from other platforms, which far exceed the numbers. Only the one corresponding to Peacock, from NBCUniversal, has 24.5 million active accounts in the United States.

“It is possible, if not likely, that CNN Plus will be offered as part of a broader HBO Max and Discovery Plus offering,” the article stated.

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