Tuesday, January 18

CNV management report highlights work on “sustainable finance and financial inclusion”

“Sustainable finance and financial inclusion were transversal axes to management, where joint work with different local and international, private and public organizations was also strengthened”, indicates the advance of what will be the 2021 annual management report of the CNV.

The work of the body chaired by Adrián Cosentino will stand out “All the actions carried out to promote the growth of the capital market, bringing financing closer to the sectors of the real economy in the different regions of our country.”

In fact, the CNV launched innovative instruments that promote positive environmental and social impacts, at the same time that the program of federalization of the capital market with the recognition of provincial stock exchanges as Representative Regional Entities (ERR).

“We will continue to advance in concrete actions and initiatives that aim to promote the financing of the real economy through the instruments offered by the market”, Cosentino said in a press release.

In this sense, he clarified that “It will be necessary to deepen the work with the provinces, through exchanges and other actors that help us spread the products that the CNV has in operation, so that they are a mobilizing support for local resources; there are many productive sectors in need of financing their projects and a lot of savers who need to know the existing investment options “.

Regarding the indicators, The president of the organization highlighted the growth of financing through the market, which rose 64% compared to 2020 and, particularly, the growth of SME financing, which was 115% higher than the same period last year.

Regarding the industry of Common Investment Funds, the increase in Managed Equity stands out by 88% compared to December 2020, with 665 open funds in force to date.

Likewise, in line with the regulations issued by the CNV, The amount issued by the Real Estate FCIs was 10 times higher compared to 2020, and the managed portfolio of the Infrastructure FCIs grew by 62% compared to December 2020.


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