Monday, January 17

Coacecss delivers nearly $ 2 million to associates

The Settlement Commission of the Savings and Credit Cooperative of the Social Security Fund, RL (Coacecss) concluded the delivery of a remainder of about $ 2 million to the associates of this cooperative nationwide.

This amount corresponds to an effective collection of delinquent loans, where more than 11,000 associates.

The actual Liquidation Commission, with the support of Cooperative Autonomous Panamanian Institute (Ipacoop), in just over two years has returned contributions of $ 16 million To over 15,000 associates.

The Vice Minister of Internal Trade and Industries and member of the Ipacoop Board of Directors, Omar Montilla, pointed out that cooperativism is a sector necessary for the economic reactivation of the country, and added that what happened to the associates of Coacecss it cannot happen again.

The Executive Director of Ipacoop, Edwin Navarro, He said that with the delivery of $ 1.9 million, justice is done to these Panamanians and will have a positive impact on the economic reactivation of the country.

For his part Yadira Chen, associate of Coacecss , thanked the effort that The Liquidation Commission and the Ipacoop have been carried out to return their funds, after more than eight years of waiting.