Tuesday, September 27

Coastal Beltway project approved in Bocas del Toro

As part of the bidding process for the best value of the Project for the Construction and Financing of the Coastal Beltway of Paunch Beach – Bluff Beach- Boca de Drago (phase B), the Ministry of Public Works today held the preliminary meeting and approval that had the participation of five contractor companies.

This meeting was held virtually and the representatives of the contracting companies had the opportunity to make their queries, observations and clarify aspects in relation to the project charge sheet.

The construction of the Coastal Beltway phase of Playa Paunch – Playa Bluff – Boca de Drago (phase B) will include within its scope of work the construction of a new road that will include the bridge over the Mimitimbi river.

The work will include the construction of sidewalks and bicycle lanes, as well as a new drainage and lighting system. In addition, it will include the construction of parking lots and strategic points for wildlife watching.

The execution of this project has among its purposes to improve the conditions of the road network in the province of Bocas del Toro to facilitate the population access to basic health, education and housing services, offering them greater security, thus promoting development balanced social.