Tuesday, February 20

Coca-Cola and Papa John’s join forces to benefit vulnerable youth

True magic occurs when efforts are joined to support others, for this reason the Coca-Cola System, cformed by the Coca-Cola Company and bottling partner Coca-Cola FEMSA and Papa John’s formed an alliance to benefit young people living in vulnerable conditions with the help of the Fanointing Make Me Shine.

The delivery of these foods benefited a total of 100 young people between the ages of 15 and 18 who live in vulnerable conditions and who are also part of a training project that gives them the opportunity to complete their studies and prepare for their insertion in working life.

“At this time we want to share a special meal with young Panamanians, who may be facing difficult situations and reminding them that the most important thing is the true magic of Christmas is sharing,” he mentioned. William Secure, Manager of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability for Coca-Cola Central America.

This alliance aims to enjoy a moment of joy to the 100 benefited people and highlight that the Magic of Truth is lived and shared with those most in need.

“In each slide we deliver we hope that each young person smiles and feels a warm hug from the entire Great Papa Johns Family,” he mentioned. Ignacio Hernandez, Head Commercial Pope Johns Central America.

The food deliveries that both the Coca-Cola System like Papa John’s It will be done through the Make me Shine Foundation.

The donation of these foods is one more sample of solidarity from Coca-Cola and Papa John’s Systems with young Panamanians to live the Magic of Truth.

“At Coca-Cola FEMSA we seek to materialize the sense of solidarity that these parties bring, that is why today we share with more than 100 young people, bringing them joy, a message of hope, perseverance and firmness in their values, so that with the support from the Foundation Make me shine, always go forward ”, mentioned Lorena Henríquez, manager of Corporate Affairs of Coca-Cola FEMSA Panama.