Friday, December 3

Coca-Cola and Recicladora Nacional sign a contract in favor of the environment

In order to create alliances that promote good recycling practices.e, System Coca-Cola signed a collaboration contract with the National Recycler of Panamaá to increase the collection and treatment of PET plastic bottles and create a complete cycle of circular economy for the use of these materials.

The agreement signed by William Segura and David González on behalf of the Coca-Cola System Cola, made up of the Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner Coca-Cola FEMSA, and by Julio Arce on behalf of Recicladora Nacional, also contemplates creating strategies to
increase community collection, education and awareness of the population.

There are studies that show that in Panama a person generates approximately 1.2
kilograms of waste per day. With this initiative we hope to avoid that in a year at least 2,400
tons of PET plastic go to landfills. Our efforts on issues of
waste collection seek to increase the percentage of recycled resin that we use in
our packaging.

Today a quarter of all our plastic bottles have 25% recycled resin. Today, together with Recicladora Nacional, we mark a milestone as pioneers in the beverage industry, ”said David González, Director of Operations at Coca-Cola FEMSA Panama.

The Coca-Cola System works under the commitment called A World without Waste, with an ambitious goal by 2030 by aiming to use at least 50% of the recycled material in the
PET packaging and collect the equivalent of 100% of the PET bottles they place in the

“Recicladora Nacional is committed to the sustainable management of waste, which is today one of the priorities of our country and the world. Recicladora Nacional makes technology available as an ally and a highly qualified human resource.The goals are achieved when we link the scope of these to concrete and measurable facts that are translated into the
reduction of carbon emissions.

“We join the Coca-Cola System in this new mission and we are sure that we will achieve positive and visible objectives for our environment. ”, expressed Julio Arce, CEO of Recicladora Nacional de Panamá.

For his part, William Segura, manager of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability of
Coca-Cola for Central America, noted that “As the main producing and bottling company of beverages, we are aware of the importance of recycling in our operation, and for the country, that is why we carry out projects and alliances that help us mitigate the environmental impact through the reuse of the products we generate and place on the market. “

The Coca-Cola System, in terms of recycling, is also the main partner of the
cooperation Recycle for your Future. For this reason, around this new alliance with Recicladora
Nacional, calls on other private companies to start joining forces
in order to create projects that encourage society to put recycling into practice and
improve waste management processes in Panama.