Wednesday, December 8

Codina analyzes Telefónica, Pfizer, Pharmamar, IAG, Solaria and Soltec

The chief analyst of the magazine Inversión, Josep Codina, makes his weekly balance in this episode of the podcast of closing of markets of In the week of tapering, the IBEX 35 managed to close with gains of 0.8 percent, or 9,130.60 integers. The goal, which involved saving 9,000 points, although the 9,000 step was lost during the week, represent accumulated gains since January of 13 percent.

But “the IBEX is not doing well”, analyzes Codina after comparing the performance of the Spanish benchmark with its peers. Only the Brexit index, the Fotssie 100, is so far behind. “They are at the same level.” That is, in the queue. “You don’t have to compare them with the US indices, which are in another league.”

During the episode, Codina analyzes the factors that penalize the IBEX 35 and that have not just been corrected. “The weight of the tourism sector, which has not been able to recover in time, and the banks with the interest rate situation. Particularly after the no-announcements this week expected from the central banks ”.

“Markets had discounted tapering but not that central banks opted for a ‘dove’ attitude.” “On Monday the Australian central bank already surprised us, which we expected to be much more aggressive; followed by the US Fed and the Bank of England. London ended up surprising by keeping its rates against the forecast ”.

In this episode, the following values ​​are also individually analyzed: Telefónica, Pfizer, Pharmamar, IAG, Siemens Gamesa, Solaria and Soltec.

Episode credits

  • Direction: Ismael García Villarejo
  • Production: José Jiménez
  • Realization: Covadonga Lacruz
  • Recorded in Madrid on November r, 2021