Friday, December 3

Coinbase CEO believes that NFTs can grow as much as cryptocurrencies

It seems that more and more platforms show a series of positive opinions regarding the non-fungible tokens. In such a case, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, was in favor of this extreme of the crypto world reaching its users soon.

He highlighted the potential that the world of digital art presents in the face of investors’ appreciation.

Future panorama

Although the field of cryptocurrencies has represented a positive scenario for this platform, there are other factors that could boost its growth. Armstrong believes that there is still more to explore in the digital world, referring to NFTs as a fundamental aspect.

While the rise of cryptocurrencies has allowed this crypto exchange to make huge profits in the last year, non-fungible tokens would also have potential. The CEO of Coinbase has been quite optimistic regarding its implementation within the platform.

He believes such tokens could have even more influence in the crypto world as digital artists find a friendly environment.

More profits in this area

Coinbase’s provision regarding NFTs comes at a time of interest to users of the crypto exchange. This year has seen an outstanding momentum in the world of digital art, leading to platforms such as OpenSea to be placed in the eyes of investors.

In this sense, Armstrong highlighted the interest in entering that market, taking into account that it could be “as big or bigger” than cryptocurrencies. Apparently, the enthusiasm for this trend does not come from the CEO of Coinbase, since emails have been received from users asking to join the new initiative.

More than 2 million emails would have reached Coinbase since the firm was attracted to NFTs.

The Coinbase plan

The company has been facing several cuts in the fluctuation of its income, looking for possibilities to generate distributed income. It is kept in mind that your users can now interact with the non-fungible tokens.

It was announced that the new section would be available to the public in the coming quarters.

Among the fundamentals of the initiative would be the intention of offering an environment where digital art can be loaded and also stored. On the other hand, the CEO of Coinbase would try to respond to the growing trend of investors to enter this niche.

At the same time as Coinbase, other platforms also seek their space among NFTs, including social networks like Twitter, for example. “We are very excited about NFTs, this is going to be a very big area for crypto in the future, and it already is today,” commented Armstrong about it.

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