Saturday, May 28

Colau again asks the judge to file the case of subsidies to social entities

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has asked the judge for the second time to shelve the case opened by the complaint of the opaque entity Association for Transparency for the subsidies that the council granted to social entities such as the Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage ( PAH).

The intervener supports the legality of the subsidies for which Colau is being investigated

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In a very technical brief, the mayor’s defense, led by criminal lawyers Olga Tubau and Àlex Solà, argues that once the records of the subsidies investigated have been collected and the declarations of Colau and a municipal comptroller completed, there are no more proceedings left than practice and proceed to shelve the matter as there is no crime.

“The entire documentary collection confirms the absence of irregularities and the correction in the administrative processing of the subsidy files”, remark the togados in reference to the files of the secretariat and the municipal intervention that did not see a crime in the aid to social entities, as also concluded by the Prosecutor’s Office in its investigation for the same subsidies.

Moreover, the defense highlights the “absolute lack of direct or indirect intervention” in the files of the mayor beyond the final act of approval of the same adopted together with the rest of the councilors in the municipal government commission, given that Colau established the jurisdiction of the processing and granting of aid in the management of social services of the City Council.

The mayor’s request to close the case comes when the judge has yet to rule on the avalanche of proceedings and statements that the Association for Transparency has requested in an attempt to lengthen the case that has been met with a resounding rejection by the Prosecutor’s Office .

Colau’s defense does not believe that more evidence is necessary after the “broad, detailed, rigorous and professionally solvent” explanation of all the investigated files that the City Council intervener in charge of supervising the aid made in her statement as a witness.

The statement of the intervener, who denied any irregularity, “comes to pulverize all the incriminating conclusions” included in the complaint of the Association for Transparency. Before deciding whether or not to file the case, the judge must transfer Colau’s request to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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