Monday, March 4

Colau and five mayors of European capitals demand more ambition from the EU against pollution

“Our cities have to breathe!” With this exclamation, six mayors of large European cities start their manifesto to demand from the European Commission a more ambitious regulation against polluting emissions. The letter is signed by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colayu, and her counterparts from Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Brussels and Berlin.

The six mayors launch the manifesto on the eve of the world summit of large cities in Buenos Aires, which is held this week, and the upcoming approval of the ‘Euro 7’ standard, which will raise the threshold of restrictions on combustion engines. The mayors ask the European Parliament and the Member States to “quickly” approve this rule so that it enters into force, “at the latest”, in 2025.

In this sense, they ask, for example, that Euro 7 include, at the level of fine particle pollution, not only those emitted by exhaust pipes, but also those from brake and tire abrasion. “The good news is that technologies are being developed that are already effective,” they say. Likewise, they also demand that methane, one of the gases that most contribute to warming the planet, be included as a “local atmospheric pollutant”, and that the EU’s air quality standards be equated to those of the WHO. .

“Our efforts are clearly insufficient. We need European action to face the three challenges of our time”, they claim, considering that these measures are necessary to accompany their low emission zones. The objective of these actions is not only to stop global warming, but also to improve the quality of the air in cities, which is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths on the continent each year.

The meeting of large cities in Buenos Aires, which will serve for the cities prior to the COP27 Climate Summit to be held in Egypt in November, is organized by the C40 network, which is chaired by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, with Colau as vice-president . From October 19 to 21, city representatives will discuss their role in the world with the climate emergency as the driving force, especially the creation of ‘green’ jobs, measures to prevent global warming or the fight against social and economic inequalities.