Wednesday, December 7

Colau breaks the tie with ERC and leads the voting intention in Barcelona

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, would prevail over ERC’s candidate, Ernest Maragall, if elections were now held in the Catalan capital. It would obtain 14.8% of the votes compared to 10.2% for Maragall, according to the municipal barometer published this Monday. The PSC, a coalition partner in the council, is well below with 7.4% intention to vote.

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Colau’s leadership in voting intention comes after having tied with Maragall in councilors in the 2019 elections (both obtained 10 representatives, although the ERC candidate received more votes) and to evolve in the polls practically at the same level during the last years. The current mayor, however, has not yet confirmed that she will stand in the next elections.

This municipal survey, which is published every six months based on more than 800 interviews with residents with the right to vote, indicates that insecurity continues to be the main problem for the people of Barcelona and is of increasing concern to the population. The percentage of interviewees who highlight insecurity as the most serious problem in the city has almost doubled in a year: last December it was 12% and now it represents 20.8% of the responses.

The interviewees have highlighted this problem despite the fact that, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior for the first nine months of 2021, the Catalan capital has registered a 39% drop compared to 2019, a figure that far exceeds the Spanish average, which it was reduced by 14% in the same period.

The participants in the survey have highlighted cleanliness as the second most serious problem in the city (11.8% of the responses, almost double than in the previous barometer). Access to housing occupies the third position with 6.5% of the responses.

Despite Colau’s strength in the intention to vote, the majority of those surveyed suspend the management of the council: 49.4% consider it very bad or bad compared to 37.4% who consider it good or very good.

The mayor is also among the worst rated politicians in the city with a 4.2 grade, only above Mari Luz Guilarte (Cs) and Josep Bou (PP). Maragall, on the other hand, is the politician best valued by citizens and obtained a 5.2 mark. The ERC candidate is the only one who approves of all the public representatives, followed by Jaume Collboni (PSC) who has obtained a 4.7 rating.

The perception that the city has worsened in the last year is widespread among Barcelonans. 63.8% consider that the city is worse than a year ago, a percentage almost 10 points higher than the worsening that the interviewees perceive in Catalonia or Spain.